Continuing a Tradition: The Sale of The Rock Spa and The Rock Shop

As a wholesale customer The Rock Spa and The Rock Shop are looking for new owners. The business owners have chosen to focus on the StoneBridge Imports brand. Although the spa and retail are profitable; it is with a heavy heart, they have decided to sell The Rock Spa and The Rock Shop (retail store).

This is a great opportunity to own and continue to grow a family owned business that is not only well established in the community and profitable; but is also making a difference in the lives of its customers.

With more and more people understanding the importance of self-care for stress management and healthy living, this booming industry will continue to grow. The unique service offering of The Rock Spa, and quality products of The Rock Shop, make for an exceptional business, unmatched by any other in the area.


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Featuring scientifically proven services, The Rock Spa heals with salt, water, heat and light therapies. Many clients describea new feeling of being lighter and renewed after their spa services. Dry salt relieves clogged lungs, salt water creates buoyancy to realign the body, wet steam detoxifies, far-infrared heat deeply penetrates tense muscles, and the rhythmic pulsing of lights shifts the brain to a state of relaxation.


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As a wholesale customer, you’ve walked through the Retail Store every time you’ve visited StoneBridge Imports. You know the impact it has. You probably haven’t been able to walk through it without stopping to visit something that caught your eye!

Just imagine what you could do with this space. The opportunity for your business to have multiple revenue streams is here. The possibilities to continue to contribute to community abundance are endless.

For more details, click here to fill out a Contact Form and we’ll be in touch soon!

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