Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is one of the rarest stones in the world, belonging to only one geografical site in the world; in the holy city of Ondkar Mandhata. This oddly-shaped stone which often resembles an egg, is from the Jasper family. This stone is important to the culture in India benig closely tied to the religous beliefs of the region.

Shiva Lingam is the must-have crystal to take with you anywhere and have it accompany you throughout your day. Doing so will provide you with energy and the necessary perspective to hone in on your natural intuition. It is useful for work and study as having it nearby or holding it can increase focus. This highly valued stone is because of its ability to align and balance the entire Chakra system. It provides a compelling, overall feeling of well being.

1. The Physical Properties of Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is from the sedimentary rock family, composed of primarily silicon dioxide. It is a very hard stone coming to a seven on the Moh’s hardness scale. The tones in which you will find this rock are generally earth tones such as brown, tan, Auburn, and creamy-white shades. Its physical characteristics make it similar to Chalcedony, Agate, and Jasper. These stones are often found in oval shapes and are hand polished and treated with oil before being sold. Its transparency is opaque, its luster is earthy and its gravity usually around 2.7.

2. The History of Shiva Lingam

This rare stone can be found only in the Narmada river in India. It is named after the god Shiva. The meaning of the name Shiva is the one in whom all creation sleeps after dissolution. It has a few others as follows; Banalingam, Bana Lingam, Banashivalingas, Bana Shiva Lingas, and Narmadeshvara. It values highly in India because of its history. People believe it is somehow a gift sent from the heavens. Collectors pride themselves in having this stone among their collection because of its engaging story and because of its rarity.

In Hindu tradition, the goddess Parvati is said to have shaped the Shiva Lingam stone out of the sand to the worship Shiva.

3. The Lore of Shiva Lingam

It is said that 14 million years ago a meteorite hit the area where Shiva Lingam is now found. It is the reason why it is considered to be a holy stone. It is said that the heat and force of the meteorite impact welded together the meteorite material and the natural rock where it made an impact.

What makes these stones so unique is that they are only gathered one day every year, and even then, only by respected community leaders who have ancestral rights. The day they are collected is at the start of the monsoon season.

4. The Metaphysical Properties of Shiva Lingam

It is an excellent stone to strengthen your focus and to sharpen your concentration. When making a decision, Shiva Lingam can help you to be aware of your intuition leading you in the right direction. Those who suffer from fatigue will find revitalization and renewed energy by using this stone. Because this stone represents God himself, as the one who gives and takes away, dissolving the universe; it can also help us discover the creator inside of all of us.



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