Kyanite is known as a powerful energy conductor, emitting low-frequency vibrations heightening levels of consciousness to those handling the stone. All types of Kyanite are associated with astral travel, accessing other dimensions and opening gateways. It is rare to find these stones used in conventional jewelry stores as it is not as easy to work with for all jewelers because of its different hardness throughout the rock itself.

Different types of Kyanite **

Blue Kyanite - Previously known as blue talc or lamellar Beryle, Kyanite is a mineral that is known to be healing and can help you to maintain your balance and to connect to your core.

Black Kyanite - Known to be a centric crystal, it brings alignment and helps to keep a feeling of wholeness or togetherness. It is also a protective stone; good at keeping unwanted energies away.

Green Kyanite - Having a high vibration, Green Kyanite is associated with the heart chakra and Earth energy. It useful for stress relief and to heal the nervous system, immune system, and heart. It is also used to treat hormonal imbalances.

Orange Kyanite - This particular kind of Kyanite if found mainly in Tanzania and is associated with creativity, gut instinct, and is said to help express sexuality. It is known to be a positive, uplifting stone that can help to boost motivation and therefore ease depression.

1. The Physical Properties of Kyanite **

The hardness of these crystals vary according to what it tested; the long crystals rank 4.5 - 5 when measuring parallel to the length of the crystal. The number varies when testing the short part of the crystal giving us 6.5 - 7 on the Mohs scale. The mineral once referred to as having two strengths. Its colors can range from clear to dark blue the majority of times, although it may also be pink, yellow and orange.

2. The History of Kyanite **

Kyanite is used in manufacturing porcelain and maybe also for purposes including grinding wheels, mortars, brake shoes or even spark plugs. This rock is one that is commonly found in the Alps, because of its presence in high-pressure stones which form in collisions such as the ones that occur between the continents.

3. The Lore of Kyanite **

When found in its green variety this stone is associated with Greek Goddess Persephone. Stones of Indigo color honor Sophia the goddess of Wisdom. It is thought to bridge the emotional gap between people who are estranged and is believed to be a conduit for sharing telepathic information.

4. The Metaphysical Properties of Kyanite **

Kyanite is one of a few crystals which require no cleaning, as it stores no negative energy. The crystal is good for focus, concentration, memory and avoiding distractions. Lucid dreaming may be fortified when sleeping next to this stone. It can also be used to help understand dreams and for meditation. Intuition and astral projection improve with the use of this stone. It is one stone that naturally aligns all the chakras, without any conscious thought. It also is known to be a natural pain reliever and is useful in lowering blood pressure.


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