What on Earth is Lemurian?

Lemurian crystal (also known as the Lemurian Seed crystal) has a very intriguing story of its origin. The name references to Lemuria, a lost land that precede Atlantis. Lemurians were thought to be very gentle, loving, innocent, and highly spiritual. It is believed that Lemurian is contained in these crystals and they can help one to retrieve it.

The Physical Properties of Lemurian

Lemurian crystals can appear in a range of colors, such as clear, blue, green, pink, apricot, Citrine colored, and pink. They are often clear, while the reason for the coloring of some crystals may be a light coating of iron oxide. The major characteristic that identifies them is the deep ridges on the sides of the crystals.

The History of Lemurian

The famous crystal author, Katrina Raphaell, coined the term Lemurian crystal. It was around the early 90’s when she introduced this term in one of her informative newsletters. Lemurian quartz crystal is mainly found in the Diamantina region (southeast of Brazil), but also in the areas of the Himalayas, Zambia, Russia, and the USA.

According to the legend, Lemuria is a lost land that was located either in the Pacific or Indian ocean. The Lemurian people lived there in ancient times and worked with crystals. They loved the Earth deeply and were profoundly spiritual. Before they disappeared from Earth, some sort of misfortune overcame the Lemurian people. It is believed that the crystals containing the Lemurian knowledge were planted into the earth, which is why they are also called Lemurian Seed crystals.

The Lore of Lemurian

Lemurian crystal is said to help you retrieve information from the ancient Lemurian civilization. It is believed that the Lemurians left messages within the crystals to ensure the passing of their wisdom. They were used throughout history for tapping into ancient wisdom – communication with our spiritual guides and spiritual connection to the Source Energy. You can use the crystal by keeping it in your pocket or purse, wearing it as jewelry, meditating with the crystal in your hand, placing it under your mattress or pillow, and in massage.

The Metaphysical Properties of Lemurian

Lemurian crystal is believed to be a highly vibrational crystal. When combined with certain other crystals, it can assist in achieving in different spiritual effects during meditation. After using the crystal, people can experience emotional healing because of the profoundly loving vibration of the Lemurian crystal. They are said to help balance emotions and strengthen concentration but also enable you to make spiritual contact with the Divine.

The sides of the crystal remind of ladders, which your spirit uses to climb upwards through a series of meditative experiences. Lemurian crystal is also believed to induce powerful dreams, clear and balance your chakras, bring answers to unsolved problems, and call on your guardian angels.

When you combine Lemurian crystal with Larimar, it aids in making contact with the Goddess. In contact with high vibration crystals (Moldavite, Herkimer Diamonds, Datolite, Sugulite or Purpurite) one may experience heightening of energy. The combination with Moldavite is especially potent and can elevate your experience if you are working on your health and spirituality. Lemurian combined with Blue Celestite, Seraphinite, Satyaloka Quartz, and Angel Phantom Quartz can take you to higher realms.

People dedicated to their healing journey find this stone useful and use it regularly to help them solve their deeply rooted problems from the past (either from a past life or within this life).


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