What on Earth is Opal?

The prismatic bliss known as opal is a hydrated form of silicon dioxide with an amorphous character, classifying it as a mineraloid rather than the usual mineral.

A glimpse of each angle flashes a radiating multi-spectral beam that will leave you the impression of a stone harnessing the wonders of a rainbow. No wonder this dazzling gemstone is dubbed as the “Eye Stone,” because it is definitely a sight for sore eyes.

The History of Opal

Uniquely possessing a wide array of colors are the characteristics that captured Pliny the Elder’s interest in this stone. According to the Roman historian, opal holds the refined combination of Garnet, Amethyst, and Emerald. During the Roman era, opal was also revered for its capacity to diffract light into the brilliant colors of the rainbow, hence, giving it the title of “Queen of Gems”.

The Lore of Opal

Despite opal’s evident charms, there came a time when the opal we once desired and adored, became opal, the stone of evil. You may have heard of an old wives tale saying that ‘opals bring you bad luck’.

This tainted reputation came to be because of Sir Walter Scott’s best-selling novel, Anne of Geierstein or The Maiden of the Mist, written in the 19th century. The story goes when the novel’s character, Lady Hermione, turned into ashes after holy water was sprinkled on her opal-bedazzled hair, causing the opal to become drab and then subsequently destroying the opal. At that time, the public was too naïve and literally took it as a warning that opals will bring them misfortune; hence, the crash of the European opal market and the birth of a widely circulating false superstition.

Fortunately, opal’s reputation bounced back in the 20th century because people just can’t seem to resist an opal’s incandescent splendor.

The Healing Powers of Opal

Contrary to traditional popular belief, opal, similar to its appearance, actually functions as a prism within one’s aura. It illuminates one’s system, bringing balance to the wearer’s emotional state and boosting their enthusiasm to enjoy life and its quirks. Opal promotes optimism and creativity, helping to realize one’s full potential and helping to unleash the person’s artistic side.

In addition to spiritual benefits, opals are said to be remarkably beneficial for a person’s physical well-being.

Such holistic properties include:

* Treats fever and infections * Improves memory * Detoxifies the blood * Supports the kidneys * Regulates insulin * Relieves childbirth * Alleviates the effects of PMS * Improves eyesight * Boosts the immune system

Overall, opals aren’t half as bad as you think. It doesn’t bring you malice as once believed; on the contrary, it will bring you nothing but good luck!


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