What is an Aura & How do Crystals Help or Heal It?

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While many remain skeptical about the existence of auras, they’re still a prevalent topic in holistic and alternative medicine. What is an aura? What does it have to do with healing and crystals? Don’t worry – we’ve got the answers.

Understanding Auras

Depending on who you are, the depth of your belief in auras will vary. Generally, an aura is a certain field emanating from a person. Some believe this metaphysical manifestation to be spiritual and wholly based on emotion, like your own personal mood ring (except it surrounds your body). Others believe that it’s a more scientific electromagnetic field that surrounds your body.

No matter your belief system, this aura is comprised of a type of energy. This energy comes directly from your body and can tell a lot about you – from your current emotional state to the your pain levels. It’s comprised of the energy of your entire entity. Your feelings, your spirituality, your body, your cosmic being – all of this is within your aura.

The state of your aura affects your whole being. Compare your aura to chakras – if your aura is out of whack, you’ll be out of whack. In this case, it’s important that you bring peace and balance back to your aura.

Using Crystals for Healing

Crystals (also referred to as gemstones) are one of the most common methods for healing and protecting auras. People will use crystals to make sure that their aura is as protected as possible and then also when they believe their aura has, in a sense, been compromised.

Holes, known as “auric tears,” can form in your aura. This means that the positive energy within your aura is susceptible to infiltration of negative energy. Those who believe in crystal therapy as it relates to auras believe this can lead to trauma, depression, physical injury, low self-image and a myriad of other ailments.

The way to repair these holes? Crystals. Each crystals is assigned a different use in healing. Depending on the crystal’s purpose, it can clean a different part of your aura or help to heal your aura, mending the auric tear. They can also be used to get rid of psychic vampires, or those around you who leech away your energy.

Every type of gemstone you can imagine can be used in crystal healing. Popular crystals include:

  • Celestite, known for purifying auras and refreshing your mood.
  • Amethyst, known for rejuvenating both the body and mind
  • Lepidolite, known for preparing the aura for relationships
  • Kunzite, known for aligning the body with your spirituality
  • Selenite, known for drawing out negativity and balancing chakras

If you have a specific problem you’d like to handle, like helping to remove negative energy from your life, many different resources exist online that can direct you to the best crystal for your ailment. No matter what you’re concerned about, there’s certainly a gemstone out there that can help you with your problem.

Whether you believe in auras or crystal healing, gemstones are certainly beautiful and powerful. Surrounding yourself with their beauty is sure to bring a smile to your face at the very least.


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