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Day-to-Day at D2

Stonebridge has currently 3 distinct warehouses, we call them D1, D2 and D3. D1 is in the back of the storefront, where we do the order picking, shipping and curbside pick up that some of you are familiar with. D2 and D3 are located 2 minutes away from D1 down the same road.

Today I’m going to tell you what is and what happens at D2. Basically, we do all of our production at D2. Production means receiving shipments, unloading, unpacking, sorting, bagging, wrapping, labelling, photographing and performing data entry in order to make all products ready for sale both at the website and for in person at the store/D1 for retail & wholesale.

At D2 there are 8 skilled team members working full time on 13 stations with computers, photobooths and product handling equipment. We use to say that the magic happens at D2! We make it ready for our customers to grab and go at the store or to buy with few clicks at the website. We strive to standardize what has no standard.

Recently we have achieved an unbelievable record never seen before. In the last 60 days, we have received 8 sea containers worth of merchandise (i.e. rocks that rock) and have two more to receive (this translates to over 450,000lb of crystals!). We are working around the clock to get all of that ready for you to shop.

Many people then ask: How often do you receive new inventory? The answer is every day, literally. So, we regularly upload to the website and haul to D1 inventory for sale. Approximately 2 to 3 skids per day. Stay tuned and check the website often.

Below is a short video showing a little bit of D2: