Rock & Mineral Boulders (5 - 60 inches)

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Stonebridge ImportsRock & Mineral Boulders. Large chunks over five inches and all rough stone boulders that are over twenty inches can be found here. Various sizes for these mineral are available, with some can be as large as five feet (6,000 lb). These are stones for gardening, indoors and outdoors decoration, carving or landmarks. Stonebridge offers a wide variety of stone types in various size ranges at competitive prices. Stonebridge Imports as one of the leading wholesaler in Canada would like to present to you the beauty and durability of our Rock & Mineral Boulders (from five inches - 4kg - up to 5 ft - 6,000lb) that will enlighten your customers and boost your sales at the same time. Stonebridge Imports in Canada serve the best Rock & Mineral Boulders wholesale and retail products! Click on any product below for more details:

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