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Massage Wands is brought to you by Stonebridge Imports. A fashioned rock, mineral, stone, or crystal that is certainly usually about the length of a pencil is what a crystal massage wand often termed. It is normally rounded on a single end and pointed on the other. The rationales of crystal massage and crystal reflexology is that they must have a smooth rounded end and a pointed end. For simply crystal massage work, wands with only rounded smooth ends can be used. On the other hand they will need to be augmented with others having a sharp point. The importance is that they are made from different minerals, rocks, and crystals, each with its particular energies and healing rationales. Quartz Crystal wand produces both bad and the good energy. It strongly intensifies energy and focuses this where it really is needed, or draws it off and dissipates it as being correct. Quartz enables you to reach the underlying source of disease and also to transform it. It points to, and then treats, aspects of blockage or weakness inside physical body or aura. Very simple to wash and store information and it works for all the Chakras. Click on any product below for more details: Rose Quartz wand is filled with wonderful peace. It is superb for soothing emotional agony as well as for healing heartaches. On the other hand it works evenly well for any state of agitation or nervousness. A racing pulse is swiftly normalized and high blood pressure levels returned to normal state under this stone’s gentle power. If the Chakras are spinning randomly,Rose Quartz will immediately stabilize the force and bring things into harmony. Discover and experience our amazing Massage Wands for yourself and your customers. Stonebridge Imports special massage wands are specifically described in their individual listings.

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