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Various Crystal Wands for Healing the Mind and Body

Crystal wands are a vital tool in spiritual rituals. Since ancient times, shamans and metaphysicians have been using wands for healing, cleansing, and purification.

Made of a variety of materials, crystal wands are said to have the ability to collect and direct energy through their tips in a straight line.

Uses of crystal wands

1. Chakra healing - For this purpose, the wand is used for healing and unblocking negative energies across the body’s 7 energy centres known as the chakras.

In life, you face problems and issues that cause stress and energy imbalance. Using a chakra wand removes negative energy and restores the harmony of your chakras.

A chakra wand contains 7 chakra healing crystals, one for each of the chakra. If you need to unblock just one chakra, you can work with a wand made of the crystal specifically for that one chakra.

2. Meditation - You can also use a wand as a tool for stepping up your meditation session. It can boost your concentration and help you understand your actions from a spiritual perspective. Wands also unite your mind and body.

Use wands made of higher chakra crystals that activate the energies of the crown or third eye chakras. These wands increase your intuition. They also clarify your thoughts, eliminate confusions, and prime your mind to make decisions quickly.

3. Amplifying a crystal grid - After arranging your crystal grid, activate it using a crystal wand to amplify your intentions. From your centre crystal, trace the grid with your wand to guide the energy flow within the grid. Focus your mind on your intention and repeat your mantra to reinforce your intention.

4. Massage - Cylindrical wands with one round end are a great tool for massage. They are said to draw out negative energy and ease tensed muscles.

Small and large crystal wands are also used in facial massage to increase blood circulation in the face and give the skin a luminous glow.

5. Overall healing - Crystal wands are also ideal for improving your general health and well-being. Healing wands are believed to increase your physical energy and melt blockages in your organs and systems that hinder them from functioning properly.

The rounded end of a wand is said to be ‘receptive’ and works by absorbing energy from where it is placed. The other end, which is the pointed one, focuses or directs energy to where it is aimed at. The pointed end does the sending or transmission of healing energy into the body, chakra, or energy field. (Read more: How to Achieve Total-Body Healing with Crystal Wands )

Programming your crystal wand

Using your wand for the first time? It’s a best practice to program your wand with your intention. Like other crystals, the power of crystal wands is as strong as the intentions you set and the exact purpose you want it to serve.

For example: if your intention for using your wand is to heal a sickness, hold the wand in your hands and clearly speak your intent to it.

If you’re using it to ward off negative energy, try programming it with positive intentions. Below are some intentions you can declare, either in your mind or speaking it aloud:

  • “Positive energy flows through my body each day.”
  • “I’m transforming the negative energy into love and light in my life.”
  • “I’m casting out all the negative energies from today.”
  • “Other people don’t have control over my emotions. Only I can control them.”
  • “I’m at peace with all that’s happening in my life right now.”

To program them into your wand, you’ll want to say as many of these positive affirmations as you want while holding it. And make sure to cleanse and recharge your wand after every use.

How to choose your wand

Picking out a wand is a similar process as choosing the right crystal sphere or pyramid. Look at one specimen and see how it makes you feel. Start with the wand that calls out to you and meditate with it.

Or choose based on the material that the wand is made of and the healing benefits they bring. Be crystal clear about the kind of healing that you need in your life, then select the wand that can provide you that healing. You can have more than one to use for different types of healing.

Start your quest to finding the crystal wands that can improve your life and empower you with positive energy! Click on the products below to discover your options.

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