GEODE CLUSTERS from StoneBridge Imports in Canada.

Find the different varieties of GEODE CLUSTERS (Druzes) only in StoneBridge Imports.

FACT: The term druze, and its alternate spelling druse, describes a layer of crystals that form a mineral crust. The crust may be found on the surface of minerals or rocks, or as a lining on the interior cavity of a geode.

Geodes, on more practical level, are often used as decorative materials in fish tanks and aquariums, or in small decorative fountains. They have also been used as paperweights and doorstops. Some individuals even put them in cages with pet snakes, as the rough material is ideal for helping the reptiles ‘shed’ their skins. Many simply like having them in their private rock and mineral assortments. On the other hand, geodes are used in some pagan rituals and spells for: Prediction; Dreams; Richness; Sovereignty of spirit; In family magic by mothers; Strengthens psychic abilities; Linking with the cosmic dance; Meditation; Instant labor in childbearing.