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Your Favorite Purple Quartz Variety in Different Shapes and Forms

Amethyst is one of the world’s most valued gems since ancient times. It is often used to make facets, tumbled stones, cabochons, beads, and other jewelry and decorative items.

Due to its gorgeous purple colour, durability, and affordability, Amethyst is an absolute favorite among jewelers and craftsmen. In the world of crystal healing, it is used to achieve calm, balance, and peace.

No matter what form of Amethyst you like best, you can find it here at StoneBridge. We have wholesale Amethyst crystal clusters, points, geodes, and tumbled stones you can buy in bulk!

What is Amethyst?

It is the purple species of Quartz that has been around for over thousands of years. Since ancient times, it has been used as a decorative stone. It is popularly known as the birthstone of February and the symbol of royalty.

With a Mohs hardness rating of 7, Amethyst is a durable stone that doesn’t break by cleavage. Its purple shade can range from light purple, violetish purple, to reddish purple.

How does Amethyst form?

Amethyst can occur in nature and grows as crystals in geodes. It develops its purple colour as it grows into crystals. Traces of iron combine with the Quartz crystal and are irradiated to produce the purple hue.

Natural geodes take millions of years to form. So to meet market demands, Amethyst crystals are grown in the lab.

What are the different forms of Amethyst and what are they used for?

Tumbled stones - Small and meticulously polished pieces used for jewelry making, crafts, decoration, and crystal healing.

Raw chips and chunks - Amethyst in its natural rough state. Also used in creating jewelry pieces, craft making, decorations, as well as grids and zen gardens. They are also used as materials for making tumbled stones.

Crystal clusters - A group of Amethyst crystals that formed or grew together. They can grow on the surface of rocks or minerals, or along the interior cavity of a geode. Clusters are generally used in crystal healing or as decorations.

Raw or polished points (generators) - The sharp pinnacles or end of a crystal. It can either be on one or both sides. In technical terms, crystal points are called ‘terminations.’ Typically used as energy tools in crystal rituals and meditation.

Bracelets and necklaces - Accessories worn to carry the beauty and healing power of Amethyst wherever you go.

Pendulum - Amethyst fashioned into a circular or pointed object and is attached at the end of a metal chain. Pendulums swing back and forth or in a circular motion when held or hung from a fixed point. Used to tap into intuitive powers, seek divine guidance, and balance the energies of the mind, body, and spirit.

What are some pointers in choosing the best Amethyst?

The most important factors to consider when buying Amethyst are colour and clarity. Many people like their Amethyst crystals to be reddish to deep purple in colour, without any mineral inclusions.

But take note that the standard of beauty for stones and crystals can be purely subjective. There are Amethysts that have a lighter shade with minor inclusions, but that doesn’t mean they’re less beautiful than dark-coloured ones. It all comes down to personal preference.

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