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Wholesale Rose Quartz

Famed Pink Quartz Crystals in Various Shapes, Sizes, and Forms

Looking for a one-stop shop where you can buy assorted Rose Quartz products? No matter what form of Rose Quartz you prefer you can find it here at StoneBridge Imports.

As a leading wholesale Rose Quartz supplier in Canada, we carry a wide range of Rose Quartz products you can purchase in bulk.

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is a soft pink stone that belongs to the Quartz crystal family. It is composed of silicon dioxide and can be found in Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, India, South Africa, GErmany, Sweden, and the US. Natural Rose Quartz can be translucent or opaque, with a Mohs hardness rating of 7.

It is one of the most popular crystals in the world used in healing, meditation, jewelry, and craft making for thousands of years. The stone is often associated with love. It is known to elicit joy, emotional healing, and releases strong vibration.

What are the different forms of Rose Quartz?
  • Natural or rough - Less processed and polished form and is believed to contain raw energies
  • Tumbled - Rose Quartz stones that were polished for days and weeks to give them a smooth and shiny appearance
  • Heart-shaped - Tumbled Rose Quartz polished into a heart shape and is used to create a connection to the heart
  • Bead - Used for healing, meditation, and jewelry
What are the applications of Rose Quartz in feng shui?

Rose Quartz is a staple stone in the world of feng shui. Its applications are as follows:

  • Carried as a stone or worn as an accessory to tap into its emotional healing properties
  • Placed in pairs (in Kun or relationship position in the bagua ) to attract romantic love into its user’s life
  • Placed near the bed to promote heart healing and compassion towards the self

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