Selenite, Hardness: 1.5 to 2.0

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Wholesale Selenite

Pure Selenite Crafted Into a Wide Range of Products

Selenite is a white- or gray-coloured gypsum mineral made of hydrated calcium sulfate. As a ‘mineral of purification,’ wholesale Selenite crystals are said to have a cleansing and purifying effect on people and environments.

Adorn your room with it, or use it in cleansing rituals. No matter how you want to use it, we have just the perfect Selenite variety you need for whatever purpose. You can buy your Selenite products in bulk here, too.

Where does the name ‘Selenite’ come from?

Selenite comes from the word Selene, the ancient Greek word for moon. The mineral is sometimes called ‘liquid light’ because of how it catches and reflects light. Selenite is the closest thing to grasping pure white light. The mineral also symbolizes consciousness and clarity.

What are the benefits of using Selenite?

Various forms of Selenite crystals are often used in spiritual healing. It is associated with a number of metaphysical benefits, including:

  • Balances a person’s relationship with the universe
  • Strengthens connection with others
  • Widens awareness to one’s personal truth
  • Enhances mental flexibility
  • Promotes mental clarity and better decision making

Selenite is also a great stone to keep in the workspace. It is also said to promote good business practices.

What are the common forms of Selenite?

Every form of Selenite has different uses:

  • Sticks or logs - For cleansing other crystals
  • Wands - Meditation, energy healing, and raising vibrations
  • Spheres or balls - Scrying or foretelling the future
  • Necklaces - Cleansing and purifying feelings and protecting against harm

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