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  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Sold by: Pack of 5
  • Stone type: Agate
  • Weight: 55g
  • Weight per piece: 11g


Red Agate Banded Sphere

A pack of five mini agate spheres, each sphere has a diameter of 20mm and weighs 11g. The spheres have shades of deep mahogany red and contrasting crimson and rose-red bands, with these gorgeous scarlet banded agate spheres.

Agate is a stone that has been used for centuries as gems and as precious materials for the production of ornaments or small sculptures.

In Greek mythology, the agate is associated with Mother Earth, the goddess Gaia. Romans would associate agate with the goddess of dawn and the mother of the winds.

Legend has it that agate can protect the bearer against risk and strengthen the bravery of its owners which is why ancient sailors believed that carving agate into amulets would protect them from dying or being lost at sea.

The shape of a Sphere is believed to emit energy in all directions and is known as an ancient symbol that represents unity, completeness, and infinity.

  • may contain small polishing imperfections like flat spots throughout that arrive from the natural process of hand carving and polishing each stone.
  • Due to the size the spheres may carry small imperfections in the polishing.