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  • Chakra: Heart Chakra
  • Size: 1" to 2"
  • Hardness: 2 to 2.5
  • Origin: Russia
  • Sold by: Single piece
  • Stone type: Seraphinite
  • Weight: 12g to 22g


Seraphinite Slice Pendant Information: Category: Silicate, Chlorite Group Chemical Formula: (Mg,Fe2+)5Al(Si3Al)O10(OH)8 Colour: Olive green, blackish green, bluish green, white, yellowish green Group: Monoclinic Formations: Pseudohexagonal tabular crystals, twinning and foliated, fibrous, granular, earthy, massive Lustre: Vitreous to pearly, translucent to transparent Cleavage: Perfect in one direction Varieties: Chromian Clinochlore, Corundophilite, Diabantite, Leuchtenbergite, Nickeloan Clinochlore, Pennine, Ripidolite, Sheridanite Brief Description: Seraphinite was named after Seraphim, the highest order of angels, due to feather-like appearance of the chatoyant fibers in the stone. Seraphinite is a dense fine-grained variety of Clinochlore. It has dark green to grey colour with silvery and feathery shimmer caused by mica inclusions. Seraphinite is used for carving and as a decorative stone. Mythology: Seraphinite is thought to encourage the flow of energy in the body and release blockages. It is also considered to be helpful in encouraging positive energy, harmony and balance. Additionally, some believe that seraphinite aids detoxification, stimulates the metabolism, encourages weight loss and releases muscular tension. In traditional Hindu belief systems, seraphinite is linked to Anahata or the heart chakra, which governs decision making, the emotions and love. Many years ago, seraphinite was worn as an amulet to prevent snake bites. In feng shui, seraphinite is believed to bring wood energy, which is associated with new developments, health and vitality. Usage: Seraphinite may be used alone or combined with acupuncture for removing blocked energies in the meridians of the body. Seraphinite harmonizes easily with the vibrations of other high-energy crystals for healing, meditation, and attunement with the angelic realm and nature spirits. Metaphysical Properties: Seraphinite raises consciousness to the level of the angelic realm, facilitating communion whilst drawing in the healings energies that the angels have to offer. Seraphinite is an excellent crystal for identifying and releasing patterns which no longer serve for the highest good. Seraphinite stimulates all chakra, has a gentle feminine energy which purifies, cleanses and soothes an angry heart. Seraphinite acts to harmonise and align the energy of the aura with the physical body allowing one to feel centred. Healing Properties: Seraphinite aids in detoxification and strengthens the liver and kidneys. It stimulates metabolism and helps in weight loss, and is useful in overcoming chills. Seraphinite activates the spinal cord and its links to the etheric body, especially behind the heart, and can release muscle tension up into the neck. Seraphinite energetically supports the heart and lungs, as well as any systemic illn