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  • Origin: Brazil
  • Sold by: Single piece
  • Stone type: Soapstone


Chucks of Soapstone for Carving

Natural and soft Brazilian soapstone in colours varying in brown to green shades with veins throughout.

NOTE: Free shipping does not apply on orders, only natural rough soapstone or if rough soapstone makes most of your order weight/volume.

Price is per piece - Please, call if you don’t know how much or how to order: we’ll put a pre-order together for your evaluation. Bulk and container load orders are welcome( we have our own production and warehouse in Brazil).

Brazilian soapstone rough chunks for carving. The most homogeneous and colourful soapstone in Canada. This is the soapstone carvers and sculptors love to work with. From light and dark brown to light green and veins in between. Please, do not expect to have a certain colour. When dry, soapstone of different shades will look alike even being quite unique: this is actually the thrill carvers love soapstone for, since the veins only show off after finishing the sculpture. Therefore we can not chose colours. Sizes will also be randomly picked.

We have been importing soapstone for over 10 years in Canada exclusive for distributors and only now started to distribute it ourselves. Take advantage of the best quality and price Brazilian soapstone in Canada.