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How Do I Select the Best Healing Crystal?

March 27, 2020

Some people struggle emotionally, while others have physical illnesses or ailments that require powerful healing. Others are in pursuit of spiritual connection and a sense of peace and calm, while some want to boost their creativity. All these are excellent reasons to turn to the healing power of crystals and begin your crystal journey. The perfect [...]


How to Cleanse and Charge My Healing Crystals?

March 19, 2020

Healing crystals and stones have been used for millennia for their healing properties. Believed to be healing stones, they can be very beneficial in improving and enhancing different aspects of one’s life. However, when you use crystal healing methods, you must remember that the energies of the crystals and gemstones can be drained. And when [...]


How to Start Using Healing Crystals?

March 10, 2020

Healing crystals have been around since the beginning of time. They are Mother Nature's little gifts that harness the lifegiving elements of the Universe. Many anecdotes describe the energy healing effects of these stones, but it all depends on personal experience. There's no scientific evidence proving that crystals and stones have any medical effectiveness, so [...]


The Complete Guide to Healing Crystals and Their Uses

March 5, 2020

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla All matter in the universe is comprised of energy, from living beings to objects, including crystals, gems, and rocks. Each one of them is made up of tiny crystals with very specific modular structures that [...]


Why Geodes Make the Perfect Gift

December 27, 2017

Don’t know what to get for your loved ones this coming holiday? Do you want to surprise them with something different? Geodes are your answer. While you can find geodes in the same color or ones cut from the same rock, no two geodes are exactly alike in every way - making them the perfect [...]


How to Select the Perfect Gemstones for Your DIY Jewelry

November 20, 2017

Now you might think that choosing the right combination of stones will rely mostly on aesthetics such as color, but that’s not always the case. Although color is a significant factor, gemstones that suit your personality and fashion style are the ones primarily chosen for your personalized jewelry. And yes, each gemstone is known to [...]


Healing Wands: What Are They?

October 17, 2017

For centuries, crystal wands have been used as healing tools by shamans, healers, and metaphysicians all over the world. Today, crystal wands are still being used by healers and regular people like you and me.Healing crystals have been used extensively used as a part of reflexology. They are used to radiate powerful energies which are [...]


A Beginner's Guide To Using Rune Stones

October 9, 2017

Have something been bothering you? Do you seek guidance? Do you want to know what the future has planned for you?For centuries, rune stones have been used as a tool for divination – a way to seek knowledge of the future. Today, they are used a tool for guidance as they work with your subconscious [...]


Why Pink Himalayan Salts Are Better For Your Body Than Regular Salt

September 25, 2017

Image CreditMaybe you’ve seen Himalayan pink salt in the form of a lamp, or maybe you’ve seen it while walking down a grocery store aisle. Either way, Himalayan pink salt has permeated your conscious...but is it all hype, or is there something more to this new craze? A craze is certainly what you’d call the media and health blog’s obsession [...]


Is There a Difference Between a Crystal and a Gemstone?

September 5, 2017

Image CreditA rock is a rock right? Not necessarily. While some people do use words like “rock,” “stone” and “gem” interchangeably, there are some noticeable differences between these words. Others feel wise enough to make the distinction between a rock and a gem -- a rock is any old pebble you can find on the street, whereas a crystal [...]


What is an Aura & How do Crystals Help or Heal It?

August 30, 2017

Image CreditWhile many remain skeptical about the existence of auras, they’re still a prevalent topic in holistic and alternative medicine. What is an aura? What does it have to do with healing and crystals? Don’t worry -- we’ve got the answers.Understanding AurasDepending on who you are, the depth of your belief in auras will vary. Generally, an aura is a certain [...]


Geode 101: Understanding the Beauty of These Natural Wonders

July 31, 2017

Image CreditIt’s hard to think of many things more beautiful than a geode. You’ve seen the pictures, like the one above -- they’re a seemingly normal rock, but inside lies an incredible surprise. Multicoloured gemstones line the inside, sparking and creating a beautiful pattern within the rock.We all know what geodes are at face value, and we can identify them [...]


Crystal Healing Methods and Common Crystals for Physical Ailments

July 3, 2017

Image CreditSpecific crystals are said to help heal certain ailments within the body, from getting rid of anxiety to promoting the flow of blood throughout your body. The question on the mind of many is this: how do you utilize these crystals in a way that actually releases these abilities?There are many different crystal healing methods out there that utilize crystals [...]


Using Crystals for Better Feng Shui

June 26, 2017

New to feng shui? For those unfamiliar, feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system that aims to harmonize all things within an environment. The most known application for feng shui is within the home -- balancing out the flow and energy of a room to make it more relaxing and pleasing to be in.

Ready to see more than museum specimens?

June 21, 2017

Governador Valadares, MG, Brazil August 25, 2009 08:30 p.m. ( local time )(August 25– Tuesday) : Drive to Teófilo Otoni and en route visit dealers and producers still in Governador Valadares.Our schedule today shows visits to warehouses and producers. Hard to decide where to go next though, as there are tens of huge warehouses in Governador [...]


Understanding the Basics Concepts of Energy Healing

June 13, 2017

Image CreditHolistic forms of medicine come with some skepticism, and that’s understandable. The problem is that many people don’t actually understand what holistic healing methods actually do and how they work. Energy healing falls into this category, and it can be attributed to helping clients with both their mental and physical health.In a nutshell, energy [...]


Why Are Young People So Into Healing Crystals? by Madeleine Thomas

April 19, 2017

Madeleine Thomas has written a compelling article on why today’s young people are so into healing crystals.In Why Are Young People So Into Healing Crystals?, Madeleine Thomas talks about how the demand for crystals has surged in recent years, “fueled by celebrity endorsements and a New Age resurgence in major cities and the fashion and [...]


The Beginner's Guide To Birthstones

April 11, 2017

(image source: is believed that the birthstones can be traced back to the Bible. In Exodus 28, Moses sets forth directions to make a unique garment for Aaron, the High Priest of the Hebrews. It was a breastplate that contained twelve precious gemstones that represented the twelve tribes of Israel. These twelve stones went [...]