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RAJ [11/13/2016] Very informative website with great selection of crystals and stones. Best of all, it is Canadian. I received my order the next day. I am very pleased with the product and service. My products are exactly as shown in the picture on the website. Awesome!! I definitely recommend this website to everyone.

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CHANTAL [06/03/2020] I have nothing but great things to say! You always have a wonderful selection and my orders are always packed and shipped promptly! Every item I have received has been excellent quality as well!

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STACY [05/20/2020] I love this shop! Their choices are great, the ability to select your stone size is wonderful. No store gets it as perfect as they do!

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Back In Stock

November 27, 2020

We know you have been waiting for these products to be back in store! We are constantly receiving new items daily and can't wait to share them all with you.


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“I have searched for many years across Canada, Italy and Spain for a beautiful and unique Rainbow Titanium Cathedral. Stonebridge Imports is the first and only place where I actually found one for sale. It completely exceeded my hopes and expectations in quality. Their attention to detail was obvious as I unpacked my purchase. It arrived in perfect condition and was immaculately wrapped. I’m an incredibly satisfied customer. I have my eye on a few more pieces to add to my collection. I will tell everyone where I found this magnificent piece of art.

Thank you so much for taking great care of me and my purchase!”


Best Friends In Business

I am a new customer. I went looking to find a supplier of soapstone after working a piece of stone at the hospice art class and liking it. I am pleased to have located Stonebridge so near to me. I placed my order online and went directly to pick it up (in the covid time). The fellow helping me was so pleasant. He even carried the box of stone to my vehicle as I had parked in the wrong lot. We walked past several specimens of pink quartz as big as a stove. Beautiful. I will be sending in pictures of my carvings as he requested.


Review from Zoey

Each time I have ordered online from Stonebridge the turnaround time is so quick. Sometimes it has even been shipped out the same day. They pick great pieces and ship them with care. They are always packaged safely to ensure they do not break in transit. I definitely prefer to shop in person, so I can see all the pieces but with everything going on right now I appreciate that Stonebridge is still there for me when I need new pieces. Very impressed guys, thank you so much!

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Verified Customer Reviews


Avery [05/19/2020]

Very easy to navigate, good prices. Beautiful page design. My order was picked out and shipped to my address in three days flat! I was extremely impressed, not only with the delivery time, but the quality of the stones and gems I received. Well worth the price! Also, extremely kind response from support, super quick and very helpful.


Timothy [01/28/2020]

I appreciate your wholesale pricing options and your individual packaging of each product is greatly appreciated. Merchant Choice

As a small business owner I was looking for a unique product item. The price and availability of your Himalayan Salt Bricks and Slabs make you unmatched.

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Robynne [07/01/2020]

I’m pleased with the selection of crystals your shop offers! The website is user friendly and easy to find what you’re looking for with so many categories to choose from. This is my first time placing an order and I’m very excited for it to arrive! More feedback once I receive it and open it all up!



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