Rutilated Quartz

This stone reminds us that the universe is neither good nor bad, but a perfect balance of life and death, light and darkness. The stone is known to heal wounds deep in our emotions, to ease depression, bring inner peace, and can accelerate different situations in life.

When it comes to setting expectations, we usually have the highest expectations of ourselves. Sometimes these expectations make it difficult to be pleased with ourselves or even enjoy the steps we take along the way. Rutilated Quartz can help to break this rigid way of thinking. It can help us to see ourselves more clearly and to be more self-aware. It can help us to be more relaxed in the way we see ourselves.

1. The Physical Properties of Rutilated Quartz

The golden color of this stone is due to the titanium oxide called Rutile. Its transparency is similar to diamonds and selenite. Quartz amplifies the characteristics of the Rutile found in it, accentuating its power. Rutilated quartz comes to a seven on the Mohs level of hardness. It is made up of a hexagonal crystal system. The Rutilite contained in the quartz makes it easier to work with other crystals as it recognizes the frequency of the other stones and helps to harmonize the space around it. This means that more can be achieved by adding Rutilated Quartz versus using another stone.

2. The History of Rutilated Quartz

Most Rutilated quartz comes from Madagascar or Brazil, but it is also found in Kazakhstan, Norway, Pakistan, Australia ans the US.The Saxon word querklufterz gave it’s name to this stone meaning cross vein ore. The Latin word for red gives the name to Rutile, likewise.

It was believed for some time that quartz crystals were formed over long periods of time in dark icey clefts. This was due to what Pliny wrote aproximately 2000 years ago. Over time as geology evolved throughout Europe, this 18th century belief was debunked.

3. The Lore of Rutilated Quartz

Some refer to it as Venus’ Hair Stone, the reason behind its delicate golden color which shimmers and catches the light. It is also known as - the hair of the angels. Freia is a goddess in Viking lore, and they believed this stone is associated with her. It is thought then, that those who work with this crystal are bestowed its magical abilities. One legend says that whenever the goddesses hair was cut, nothing was to be laid to waste and so their hair was preserved in stone.

4. The Metaphysical Properties of Rutilated Quartz

It associates with all of the chakras which is why it provides alignment, harmony, and peace. Rutile helps to inspire others and to get them to see your point of view. Another attribute of Rutile is that it helps to deflect negativity coming at us from another. It is a protective stone to those who use it and acts as a shield against harm. Like most any other quartz, it has an overall healing and purifying effect.Its effect multiplies when used with Amethyst, Labradorite or Sodalite. This combination can help to tune into a deep healing power and is recommended to be used during periods of rest.

As we would expect from other types of quartz, this stone helps to absorb negative energy, and so it must be cleaned regularly. Enhancing the healing process is excellent. It is also influential in helping to determine what is causing symptoms or to identify the source of an illness.Rutilated quartz is useful to restore energy when one is feeling spent or lacking in vigor.


Rutilated Quartz is a profound healing stone that can balance and purify. It can be used to heal any part of the body and soul and can help to find solutions and to be more constructive.


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