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Guide to Crystal Shapes

Different Shapes of Crystals: A Guide for Store Owners 

When studying crystals, it is crucial to comprehend their diversity. This diversity encompasses not just different types of crystals but also the multitude of shapes artisans can carve them into. Each crystal shape carries a unique energy and meaning, adding an extra layer of enchantment for your customers.

We've put together a comprehensive guide on our wholesale crystal shapes collection, providing a brief explanation of their significance. This guide helps you choose the right natural crystal shapes for your inventory or if you're new to selling crystals. It caters to the different preferences of crystal enthusiasts.

Shape of Crystal Meaning Summaries

Rough Stones Bulk: These crystals are unpolished, maintaining their raw, natural form and energy. Ideal for grounding and energy work.

Rough Minerals: Similar to rough stones bulk, these offer an untouched, rugged charm that many collectors adore.

Angel Carvings: Intricate carvings representing divine entities, perfect for invoking protection and guidance.

Flame Carving: Crystal Flame shape symbolizes transformation and helps to ignite one's inner fire.

Eggs: Egg-shaped crystals symbolize new beginnings, fertility, and rebirth, making them perfect for fresh starts.

Hearts: A universal symbol of love and compassion. Ideal for attracting and nurturing all forms of love.

Skulls: Crystal skulls represent wisdom, deep knowledge, and ancient energy.

Rune Stones: Used for divination and dowsing, these stones with engraved symbols offer guidance and insights.

Merkabas: The Merkaba, or "light spirit body", represents divine energy and connection between higher realms.

Pendulums: Crystal Pendulums are used for spiritual healing, divination, and communication with the spiritual world.

Platonic Solids: These shapes correspond with elements and states of being, harmonizing energy in various ways.

Gemstone Slices: Slim, elegant slices of crystals reveal the stone's inner beauty and layers.

Pyramids: Symbolize the meeting of the earthly realm with the divine, channelling and grounding cosmic energy.

Worry Stones: polished stones that people use to alleviate stress and anxiety by gliding their thumb over the groove.

Healing Wands: Used in directing and amplifying energy during healing sessions.

Spheres: Representing unity, completeness, and infinite possibility, these are perfect for harmonizing energy.

Generators: Six-sided towers, pointy crystals used in energy work for charging other crystals and focusing intentions. 

Natural Point Crystals: Untouched, these stones have a natural point which amplifies and directs energy.

Geode Cathedrals: Dramatic crystal formations resembling church-like structures that hold and amplify energy.

Druze Geode Clusters: Stunning groups of crystals formed naturally together, perfect for harmonizing environments.

Fossils: Preserved pieces of ancient life, grounding and connecting us to earth's energy.

Keychains: Combining functionality with metaphysical properties, they bring positive energy wherever they go.

Tumbled Stones: Smooth, polished crystals ideal for carrying as talismans or for use in crystal grids.

I hope that this quick walkthrough of various crystal shapes meaning and their metaphysical properties is helpful to you. As a store owner, understanding the different crystal shapes and their potential attraction for customers can be a game-changer. Having a wide variety of choices can attract customers and inspire them to explore new paths in crystal healing.

Ready to expand your store's offerings with a variety of mesmerizing crystal shapes? Delve into our expansive wholesale collection today and choose quality crystals in captivating shapes that resonate with your clientele. Each crystal shape holds a story waiting to be discovered by your customers, so why wait? Unleash the potential of your store with our collection, and let's create an irresistible crystal shopping experience together!

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