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White sage & Carnelian
White sage & Carnelian

Local Luxuries

Sell your beautiful hand-made products at The Rock Space - Stonebridge's retail outlet.

Are you a Canadian artisan who makes really neat products? We are looking for your partnership!

As a company that wholesales products to other small businesses, we know first hand that small businesses are the heartbeat of our community. They are the driving force behind bringing us great products, providing employment opportunities, and creating lasting relationships with its customers.

Our retail shop, called The Rock Space, is located near downtown Kitchener ON, a fast growing city. The shop mainly focuses on rocks and crystals from Stonebridge Imports, however we have expanded our variety to also offer local and unique crafts. Our core focus is to offer our customers a “WOW” experience.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form here and let us know all about you and your product(s).

We will review the application, and if your product is a good fit for our store we will buy it from you and sell it with your name attached.

Please see our FAQ below for more information regarding this opportunity. We look forward to partnering with you and most importantly, creating community abundance! Warmest regards,

Your friends at Stonebridge Imports and The Rock Space


Local Luxuries Artisans

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Local Luxury Application

Local Luxuries accepts applications from Canadian-based makers and artisans. It is mandatory that all of our artisans are the creators and designers of their products. The following guidelines will help you to understand our process and also help you really cultivate your craft!

Product Relevance: How the product will be received by the customers at The Rock Space is most important! Is it unique? Is it trending? Does it “wow”?

The Right Fit: We carry a wide variety of really cool stuff! We specialize in rocks, minerals and crystals, with an emphasis on spirituality, metaphysical, and witchy-woo. It’s essential to us that your product holds an intentional purpose in our store.

Display: An attractive presentation of your product is your calling card. We put a lot of effort into displaying your product in our beautiful store. We also help to advertise your product within our social media platforms and website. We need to make sure that you meet us halfway! Does your packaging attract people? Is it pretty? Is the use of your product specified on your packaging?

Product Saturation: Sometimes we get a number of applicants that create a similar product. With a high demand for a fixed number of spaces, the competition can be fierce in some areas. We make decisions based on what we think will be received best by our customers.

Pricing: We look to purchase products at wholesale prices. Do you offer a wholesale program? Is the cost of your product competitive?