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Sage cleanse kit

Peace Streaks

Light Up, Let Peace In

Wholesale Smudging Kits / Smoke Cleansing Supplies in Canada

Peace Streaks carries an assortment of premium organic herbs (bundled and loose), resins, abalone shells, etc. for smudging and other forms of smoke cleansing rituals.

All products are sourced here in Ontario so we can provide you with smudging supplies right when you need them!

Organic As Organic Can Be

Our sage, sweetgrass, cedar, lavender, mugwort, and pine are grown ethically and are 100% pesticide/herbicide-free. They’re cultivated and harvested by our trusted supplier-partner who adheres to sustainable farming practices. You’ll get a lot more scent and smoke out of our herbs compared to others.

Peace Streaks exists because of our local artisans who respect Indigenous tradition and culture.

Made with Your Convenience in Mind

Need to buy sage for smudging ASAP? You can pick your order or have it delivered to your doorstep right away. Our local supplier has a steady supply of wholesale sage smudge sticks and other herbs to cover your needs.

Contact us when you need a long-term supplier of herb sticks/bundles, loose herbs, abalone shells, or resin incense supplies.

Sage and palo santo in a shell

How-To Guides & Resources

Handy booklets, one-pagers, and guides for you and your customers to use. Learn all the best practices for our herb and resin products.

How to Smoke Cleanse
How to Burn Resin
Quickstudy Guide
Herb Breakdown
Peace streaks seasonal kits

Kits for your convenience

All your smoke cleansing necessities, all in one place. Peace Streaks kits are perfect for beginners to the practice, or for restocking your supply easily.

Rather than trying to source your stones from one supplier, herbs from another, and shells from a third, Stonebridge has already done the difficult part for you! Everything has been assembled for your convenience and packaged securely.

Each kit is assembled with an intention in mind. Whether you’re practicing chakra, or prefer burning resins, there’s a kit for everyone.

Explore for as low as $29, before wholesale & bulk discounts
The Farmers: Shawn and Heather

Meet The Farmers

Shawn and Heather work hard to supply Stonebridge Imports with herbs, feathers, and shells, so we can share the wonders of smoke cleansing with everyone!

Just off the 401, in Woodstock, Ontario, Shawn’s farm is lively with herbs growing in the fields. Shawn has been farming herbs for years, beginning with white sage before expanding his horizons to include dozens of various herbs growing year-round.

He gives them the best fertilizer, no pesticides or herbicides, ensuring an organic and healthy crop. He harvests them all by hand, and dries them for days to weeks to get rid of excess moisture. That’s when he bundles all of them by hand.

Stonebridge’s partnership with Shawn means that he can focus solely on his agriculture and work on his farm. Such as two greenhouses he put up recently! This allows Shawn to continue growing throughout the year, and even throughout the night.