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About Us

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Our founder: Ulymar Rocha

Who Are We?

Ulymar Rocha founded StoneBridge Imports to share the beauty of gemstones with the world. Growing up in a gemstone mining area of Brazil, Uly has been immersed in the world of stones and minerals since he was a kid. It was how his affinity for these natural wonders grew and took root.

So when he moved to Canada and settled in the Waterloo region in 2002, he continued dealing in gems with the help of his wife and son. This was the early beginnings of Stonebridge Imports, now known as one of the largest rocks and minerals wholesalers in Ontario.

Current owner: Arthur Rocha

The Next Generation

His son - Arthur - continues his father’s mission to help retailers across North America bring the best of nature to their local stores. And with a fresh perspective, help artisans and entrepreneurs realize their vision.

Arthur grew up around rocks and crystals. In his spare time, he does rock climbing. It must be fate… His last name “Rocha” is Portuguese for “rock”!

In Conversation with Stonebridge's Owner

In this podcast, Arthur sits down to talk about Stonebridge’s origins, his opinion on the crystal industry, and about travelling.

In conversation with Stonebridge's Owner

In Conversation with Stonebridge's Owner

In this podcast, Arthur sits down to talk about Stonebridge’s origins, his opinion on the crystal industry, and about travelling.

Milestones By the Numbers

Founded in 2002


Years In Business

20+ Employees


Team Members

200+ Rock and Crystal varieties


Rock and Crystal varieties

2 Major markets grown


Major markets grown (Canada and the US)

1000000+ pounds of crystals shipped worldwide


Pounds of crystals shipped worldwide

5000+ happy customers


Happy customers served

Meet the team

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Our Core Values

Our framework for leadership and daily decisions are guided by the following values:

Passion to Help

Each person in our production line or a process is to be treated as a high-value customer. We do our best to give you the exact product that you need, at the exact time.

Honesty and Transparency

We resolve to communicate openly, to respect others, to be fair with everyone, and to maintain a down-to-earth approach in our efforts to interact with each other.

Creating Community Abundance

We believe that when we foster lively, rich, and resilient communities built on fairness and equity, we all benefit. Developing solutions and products that are socially innovative help our business thrive and makes the world a healthier, safer, happier place.

Determination and Innovation

We are open to ideas that challenge conventional views and drive innovation. We take risks, inspire creativity, and learn from our mistakes and outcomes.


We’re open-minded and we like to discuss and debate thoughts, ideas, and plans to broaden and further inform our beliefs and approaches.

What Others Say About the SBI Experience

Crystal towers

What Makes Us Unique

Stonebridge Imports was started to fill a niche in the crystal supplier market. Low-quality stones, limited selection, long order processing, and little assistance were problems that many local crystal shops faced.

Stonebridge Imports relieves all this stress on business orders by introducing modern commerce expectations to customers. No more haggling, no more minimum quantities, no more months-long delivery times. Shopping for your crystal needs became as easy as shopping for groceries.

Collectors, retailers, crystal healers, reiki practitioners, decorators, and craft makers all over Canada and the US trust us for their growing crystal needs.

Our storefront

What fuels our growth is our team's unparalleled knowledge of stones and geological formations. Gemstones, rocks, and crystals are second nature; our staff is the right resource to talk to if you want to know about the quality, value, physical properties, history, lore, and metaphysical benefits of specific stones.

Stonebridge Imports is the go-to for everything crystal-related. As well as creating a robust community of business owners to share ideas and grow together.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a crystal supplier. We're a partner to each of our customers, and we do our best to help them as they grow their businesses.