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Stonebridge New Partnership and Products

Heather Rulton is the owner of Spirituality In You Healing Center, in business for almost 9 years in London, ON.

Heather began her awakening to the spiritual world over 20 years ago and because of the challenges she experienced, she decided to open a place where all would be welcome and supported, wherever they were on their life’s journey.

Currently Heather offers workshops, readings, energy treatments, meditation classes, consultations and offers many sustainable, organic and locally sourced products that are good for the people and good for the earth.

Heather serves the homeless community along with those experiencing mental health challenges or addiction.

And she says: “We are all one, so when each of us Be the change we wish to see, we can understand how it is that the people will save the people”.

Stonebridge and Heather Rulton have partnered to offer our community an eagerly-awaited range of products. Below is a description of some of them and how they are created:

Clam Shell

This is an Ontario clamshell with no live clam inside. The clam is an endangered species that can live up to 250 years! The shells are locally sustainably sourced and collected during the proper season and no clams or habitat are harmed during this process. Clam shells are washed and blessed by the hands of Heather Rulton.

Properties: Clamshell symbolizes purification, love, wisdom and feminine balance. Removes negative energies. Uses: Used in cleansing/smudging by way of catching ashes/embers while clearing the space. Use to burn charcoal in.

Goose Feather

All feathers are personally collected during Heather’s morning and evening rituals. Sustainably sourced, collected, washed and blessed by the hands of Heather Rulton only during the moulting season. No birds or habitat are harmed during the collection process.

Properties: Symbolizes connection to spirits carrying our messages throughout the wind with love and offering protection. Uses: Used in cleansing/smudging by the way of wafting smoke into all areas, while carrying our intentions to the universal spirit. Used for prayers, in animal medicine and tutors.