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The Reasons Why We Love Vitajuwel Gem Bottle, Our New Product Launch.

The Reasons Why We Love Vitajuwel Gem Bottle, Our New Product Launch.

Since the dawn of time people have been enticed by the beauty and mystical power of gemstones. Today more people are turning toward the healing power of nature to enhance their everyday lives. At Stonebridge Imports we’ve been addressing this need for the past 14 years, with an ever-growing range of products aimed at improving people’s spiritual well-being. In continuing this trend, we’ve introduced the Via water bottle to our range of gemstone products.

About the ViA range

Vitajewel water bottles offer a beautifully stylish way to enjoy gemstone infused water on the move. The artistic design incorporates both beauty and function. With a removable base - it’s easy to clean. The gemstone pod forms part of the base, which allows one to change between the 17 combinations of gemstones that are available in the range (coming next). Made from high quality lead-free Bohemian glass, they are kind to the environment and uniquely elegant. All gemstones used in Vitajewel products are certified to be conflict-free.

The healing power of gemstones

The ancient Greeks recognized the vitalizing effect that gemstones have on water. However since there is no industrial or mainstream commercial use for this knowledge, it has not received much attention from the modern scientific community. Therefore the energy contained in gemstones has remained in realms of superstition and folklore.

There has been a lot of scientific research conducted into stones that have industrial and commercial use. Quartz energy is used in watches and the world of electronics was revolutionized by the discovery of the electric properties of silicon.

All minerals are made up of basic elements arranged in a unique crystal structure. This structure has electron energy that is transferred to surrounding environment. Every stone in nature has some form of electron energy. The exact nature of this energy and how it’s transmitted is determined by its crystal structure. An extreme example of this is the atomic radiation of Uranium.

So, can gemstones affect the water we drink?

Japanese researcher and photographer Masaru Emoto conducted a fascinating experiment in 1994. The point of the experiment was to observe the microscopic ice crystal formations of different water samples. He deduced that water exposed to positive energy formed more complete and beautiful crystals than tap water, or water from urban or polluted streams.

While this is not conclusive medical proof, we can observe the following:

The positive energy that people have observed in different gemstones affects the physical and psychological well-being of those exposed to that energy. The physical structure of water is affected by its environment. As we, like all life are made up mostly of water - our bodies are directly affected by the water we drink. Therefore it seems logical that water exposed to positive energy will have a positive effect on the body.

Joining in the opportunity

We offer special wholesale deals for small businesses. Selling Stonebridge products is more than just a great business opportunity. It’ll give you a sense of being part of a greater connection to the spirit. Stonebridge Imports: Building relationships, one gem at a time!