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Know Where Your Herbs Come From

Know Where Your Herbs Come From

In our previous blog, we showed you where our rocks and gemstones come from. You learned about the storied journey of our crystals (from the mine to the warehouse). We also took you on a virtual tour of Minas Gerais, Brazil's gold rush state where most of our exquisite products originate.

Now, let us show you around the herb farm that supplies Peace Streaks' wide array of bundled and loose herbs! Discover how your herbs are sustainably grown and harvested before they get to your hands.

Meet Shawn, Our Farmer Partner


Recently, we had the chance to visit our good friend Shawn and his herb farm in Woodstock, Ontario, about 86 miles away from Toronto. Shawn is the green thumb who grows, harvests, and bundles all the herb sticks we sell through Peace Streaks.

Shawn and his partner, Heather, work hard to supply Stonebridge Imports with organic and high quality herbs. These include lavender, yarrow, lemon balm, sweetgrass, and mugwort.

They also supply us with feathers and shells to make sure you, our valued customers, have all the tools you need for your smoke cleansing ritual.

This partnership with local farmers like Shawn is a testament to Stonebridge Imports' commitment to promote homegrown businesses and contribute to the local economy.

What's In Shawn's Herb Farm?


Upon entry to the farm, the sight of a huge bed of sweetgrass will greet you. Next to it is another bed of lavender, then another of sage. These 3 fields allow the farm to produce huge quantities of herbs each year.

Shawn has recently put up 2 greenhouses to expand his herb collection. One greenhouse is intended for growing smaller quantities of herbs. You can see here lemon balm, mugwort, and yarrow among others. The other greenhouse is exclusively for saplings.

Last year, it was only possible to harvest sage once. But with the addition of the greenhouses, we're planning to do 3 harvests this year to cater to more of customers' favourites all year round.

This will be achieved in rotation ” the first batch of saplings will be planted in the fields. The second and third batches will be planted in the greenhouses. They will be harvested come fall and winter.

Since Shawn can control the lighting and temperature in these greenhouses, he can harvest herbs 3 times faster than in normal conditions. Shawn also experiments on unique herbs in these spaces.

Once harvested, Shawn leaves the herbs to dry for days or weeks before he bundles them. This is important to ensure no moisture is trapped inside and mold doesn't set in.

Although growing herbs comes naturally for Shawn, it's not without challenges. One of these challenges is keeping out weeds. These unwanted plants compete for light, water, and nutrients with the herbs.

To prevent this, Shawn has installed a fabric ground cover below the fields. This cover is porous enough to allow water to flow, but secure enough to stop weed growth.

It's amazing to note that this pleasant sight of premium organic herbs is all thanks to Shawn's persistent labour. And we're immensely thankful for the work he does!

Your Support Means a Lot to Our Farmers

When you buy from us, you're not just buying supplies. You're also sustaining the livelihood of local farmers like Shawn and Heather.

For Ontario-grown, herbicide- and pesticide-free herbs, shop at Stonebridge Imports. We offer bulk discounts, which you start seeing at as low as five sticks. See all herbs mentioned in this post on our herbs collection page!

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