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Uses and Symbolisms of Crystal Eggs

Crystal healers believe that egg-shaped crystals are a powerful tool for people who desire to start a fresh new chapter in life. They bring about miracles and magic that smoothen transitions and complete transformations.

For Christians, eggs symbolize rebirth. As part of the Easter holiday tradition, ancient Romans would create Easter eggs made of precious and semi-precious stones to mark their renewed life before Christ.

In celebration of Easter, let's talk about crystal eggs, the meaning of the egg shape, the healing properties of the crystal, and how you can incorporate crystal eggs into your life.

Eggs symbolize new beginnings. Just picture how a tiny chick hatched out of its shell to start a new life on earth to understand this symbolism.

Eggs and the Easter Tradition

For centuries, Easter has been an important celebration in both Christian and non-Christian traditions.

In the Christian tradition, Easter is a holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death by crucifixion. This confirms the divine nature of the appointed Son of God and his triumphant conquering of death and man's sins. Easter falls on a different date each year but always between March 22 and April 25.

Easter also has roots in the pagan tradition. Pagans celebrate Easter to mark the beginning of spring and the energy that brings forth rebirth and renewal. The term Easter comes from Eostre (or Eostrae), the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and fertility.

Today, people choose to partake in the Easter tradition without necessarily embracing the religious context or intent of the celebration. One of the activities that eventually became an Easter staple is egg giving and decorating. It became a custom for people all over the world to gift each other with eggs during spring as a way of commemorating the event.

It was the early Christians in Mesopotamia that began dying eggs. Then the practice was followed by the Orthodox Churches until it also became popular in Western Europe.

Along with the growing popularity of this tradition were various beliefs and superstitions about eating eggs during or after Easter. Some people believed that cooking eggs on Good Friday and consuming them on Easter would boost fertility and prevent death. There's also the belief that eating an egg with two yolks can make one rich.

And In Comes Egg-Shaped Crystals

As years passed, people began trading eggs in different forms until it became so pervasive in the Easter tradition. Chocolate eggs are popular among kids. Real chicken eggs that have been painted with various colours are being hunted like treasures. And adults grew fond of collecting metal or porcelain eggs as well.

Crystal eggs have also earned a following. Crystal enthusiasts see egg-shaped crystals as symbols of new beginnings, fertility, and youthfulness which are made even more powerful by the innate healing energies already carried by the gemstone they're made of.

Practical Uses of Crystal Eggs

Crystal Eggs (1).png

Because of their shape and charm, gemstone eggs hold a wide range of uses to different people. Below are just a few of them:

1. Gifts and collectibles - Egg hunting and giving is not only limited to kids during Easter. Adults also take part in the celebration by gifting and collecting crystal and porcelain eggs.

These eggs contain positive energies and what better way to spread these energies around than by accumulating them and sharing them with everyone.

2. Decoration - Crystal eggs are made of colourful stones. They instantly add a pop of colour and mystical charm to any corner of the room. They are also thought to strengthen the sense of family, life, and nature in the home.

3. Acupressure - Practitioners of this ancient art of healing utilize tools to apply pressure to tension points in the body. Among these tools are crystal eggs. Both ends of the egg are used to rub muscles and stimulate the circulation of blood and energy.

Since every crystal is made of a certain gemstone with unique healing properties, the use of crystal eggs in acupressure is said to provide double healing.

4. Facial tools - Gua sha, an alternative therapy that aims to move energy around the body, uses crystal eggs to enhance the flow of energy in the face and regenerate the skin for a healthier glow.

The Metaphysical Benefits of Crystal Eggs

Crystal Eggs metaphysical benefits.png

Crystal eggs are rich in healing energy. In the world of metaphysical healing, eggs are associated with the following healing properties:

1. Boosts the effectiveness of prayer - As a symbol of life and miracles, crystal eggs sharpen the power of prayers. During prayer and meditation, simply hold a crystal in your hand. The stone will release vibrations that will amplify your prayers so you can send your message directly to the higher being you believe in, be it to God or the Universe.

2. Breaking old and unhealthy habits - Egg represents rebirth. And a crystal egg can assist you in breaking negative thought patterns, as well as old habits that don't serve you well. In effect, it gives you the strength and resolve to start new healthier habits.

Crystal eggs are also tools you can use to develop a healthy mindset that will result in healthy lifestyle choices. Success in giving up old habits may not happen overnight, but crystal eggs empowers you to take the first step.

3. Attracting good feng shui - Being a symbol of fertility, crystal eggs are ideal for couples who are trying to conceive. Feng shui has it that placing a crystal egg in the bedroom increases the chances of pregnancy and promotes safe childbirth.

Crystal eggs are also beneficial for businesses, especially for entrepreneurs who are embarking on a new venture. Eggs provide more courage and increased success to hard working business owners.

4. Promoting fertility and youthfulness - Eggs also represent fertility and robust life force. If you want to keep looking young and active as well as enliven your sexuality, crystal eggs are beneficial for you.

Wonder which eggs to start working with? Here are some gemstone eggs and the benefits they carry:

1. Rose quartz

Rose quartz egg.png

We all know rose quartz to be the ultimate love stone. It is the best crystal to work with if you want to attract any forms of love into your life, including self-love. When used to encourage self-love, a Rose Quartz egg can free you from unrealistic expectations and negative energies.

Rose Quartz imparts sensitivity and empathy towards yourself and others. It also promotes fertility and reduces stress.

2. Clear quartz

Clear quartz egg.png

This universal healing crystal is useful in healing the chakras and increasing positive energy. Meditating with a crystal quartz egg will also lead you to spiritual awakening and renewal. That on top of calming your mind and activating your chakras.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst egg.png

Another popular crystal egg is amethyst, which helps its user connect to their spiritual sides and activate their psychic abilities. Amethyst is also the stone of wisdom and charity.

4. Selenite

Selenite egg.png

The name Selenite is derived from the moon goddess Selene. Selenite is the stone of reconciliation. It is also the best stone to work with when you want to receive spiritual guidance, clarity of thought, and inner peace.

It is said that placing Selenite eggs in all corners of your home increases peace and safety.

5. Shiva Lingam

Shiva lingam egg.png

Made of quartz and many other minerals, shiva lingam is a sacred stone of the Hindu religion in India. It stimulates the energy of the body and accelerates spiritual healing and growth (as it is associated with the crown chakra).

Representing masculine and feminine energies, shiva lingam is commonly used to treat sexual problems.

6. Agate

Agate egg (1).png

Yearning for spiritual growth and maturity? An agate egg can help increase your spiritual awareness. It is said to expand a person's sensitivity and vision, plus it promotes rational thought.

Keeping an agate egg in your pocket is also believed to protect you from negative energies wherever you go.

7. Labradorite

Labradorite egg.png

A labradorite egg is perfect for you if you desire for success in your creative or business pursuits. Meditating with this egg widens the imagination, increases creativity, and fuels enthusiasm. It can also attract good luck and success.

Tips in Choosing Your Crystal Egg

Now that you know how eggs work and the popular crystals, let's get into the ways of selecting your own crystal eggs.

  1. Choose based on the healing benefit you need, or let your intuition guide you to what your soul requires at the moment. This depends on your intentions, desires, and the things you want to attract in your life.

  2. When shopping online, closely look at the photos and pay attention to the particular egg that tugs at your attention.

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