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Discovering the Power of Generator Crystals

Discovering the Power of Generator Crystals

Generator crystals (also known as Towers) are the most popular type of polished crystal point, and generate massive amounts of powerful healing energies. These crystals can be clear, cloudy, or both, and can contain inclusions or rainbow-like iridescence.

They have a pyramidal or conical shape, with six equilateral sides or faces that meet at the tip of the termination. Generators are made of different types of crystals, but Clear Quartz is the most popular crystal generator.

What Are Generator Crystals Used For?

Purpose of Generator crystals.png

There are many ways to use Generators. They are typically used as an energy tool in crystal rituals. In many cases, these crystal points are used to amplify the energies of other crystals, radiate light, manifest intentions more effectively, and release positive energies to people and environments.

To tap into their powers, Generators are held during meditation sessions or placed in certain parts of a room that need energy cleansing. People also use them as the centre point of a crystal grid, or a geometric arrangement of various crystals to combine their powers.

For this purpose, a Generator works to manifest the goals, intentions, and desires of a person or group doing the meditation session. The Generator activates the powers of the crystals in the grid and communicates intentions to the Universe.

Generator crystal points can form in nature, although they are rare. Some people claim that these natural points carry a much stronger energy because they are raw crystals. But both polished and natural Generators work the same way because of their internal molecular structure.

Generators & Towers are used for Dispensing Energy

How powerful are Generator crystals.png

Crystal enthusiast and healer Genn John describes the function of Generator crystals by comparing a blowtorch and a candle.

A blowtorch and a candle are the same in all respects. Both instruments are lit to have a flame. Both of them produce heat and can burn. However, one produces and directs flame more powerfully than the other.

Even if you had a huge candle, the heat and flame coming from a small blowtorch is still more precise and directional than that of a large candle.

Both instruments can start a blaze that can burn down a structure. But in terms of focus and intensity, the blowtorch is undeniably more powerful.

The same is true with Generator crystals. Due to their crystal structure, they amplify energy and accelerate manifestation several times stronger than other crystal shapes.

How to Work with Tower & Generator Crystals?

What Is the Best Way to Work with Generator Crystals.png

You can take advantage of the supercharging abilities of a Generator crystal by holding and aiming it at crystals that have become dull. This allows the Generator to directly fuel its energy to the weakened crystals and raise their vibrations rather quickly. Just imagine a blowtorch blazing a decadent crème brûlée to caramelize its sugar topping.

A similar effect is achieved when a Generator crystal is used as the central crystal in a grid. In this arrangement, the crystal point accumulates healing energy and projects it outwards to rejuvenate surrounding crystals.

What About Cracked / Imperfect Generators?

Should a Generator Have a ˜Perfect' Shape to Work.png

For the record, a Generator crystal works just as well whether it’s smoothly polished or not; or even if its faces are not exactly proportional. The only time you have to be concerned about getting a ˜perfect' specimen (with 6 evenly-sized triangular faces) is if you're collecting crystals with specific configurations.

If you're after Generator crystals for their healing and amplifying energies, any crystal with a close approximation should work. As long as the crystal resonates with you and its shape doesn't affect your ability to work with it, then that Generator is already a perfect fit.

This is also a choice shaped by personal preference. As mentioned, some crystal users prefer a natural Generator crystal point over a cut and polished one, believing that energy flows naturally out of the tip of a natural crystal point unlike that of a refined crystal.

Not sure which crystals to start working with? Here are some of the popular Generator crystals you can use and the benefits they bring:

1. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Generator.png

Clear Quartz is the top choice of anyone who's into healing crystals. They are brimful of strong vibrations and metaphysical healing properties. In addition, they are the easiest crystals to program.

Clear Quartz provides strength, clarifies thought, boosts concentration, and aids memory. It is believed to improve sleep quality and help its users understand their dreams. Clear Quartz Generators work excellently in amplifying and cleansing the energies of other stones.

2. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Generator.png

Rose Quartz, otherwise known as the ˜Love Stone,' radiates love and compassion. It is the perfect stone to work with if you need peace, calm, and emotional healing.

You can also use Rose Quartz to attract every type of love into your life, be it romantic, platonic, familial, self-love, or unconditional love. It can increase affection in any situation. Meditate with it or place it anywhere in your home to tap into its powers.

3. Fluorite

Fluorite Generator.png

Fluorite Generators attract positive energy and repel negative energy. They can heighten your intuition and consciousness to spiritual realities, making way for spiritual awakening.

Another healing property of Fluorite is that it helps induce calmness and mental clarity amid a chaotic situation. When placed in a room, a Fluorite Generator neutralizes negative energy and restores order.

4. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Generator.png

Smoky Quartz is a great grounding stone that reconnects your spirit to the earth. It is also known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties.

When you need to overcome emotional trauma brought by a painful experience, meditate with a Smoky Quartz Generator. Allow its energy to soothe your mind, heart, and body. This Generator absorbs and releases unpleasant emotions like fear, anger, regret, and jealousy.

5. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Generator.png

Looking for a crystal for manifesting wealth and abundance? A Green Aventurine Generator is what you need. It is called the ˜Stone of Opportunity' because it increases success in competitions. It is a great Generator for boosting your luck in a job promotion, tax audit, or first date. Green Aventurine is said to align conditions in your environment so opportunities are available and inevitable for you.

Green Aventurine assists in breaking old patterns, mind sets, and behaviours so you can be prepared to grab new opportunities coming your way. It renews enthusiasm, energy, and confidence for what life offers.

You can find a large selection of Towers & Generators here

There's more to Generator crystals than what meets the eye and mind. If you want to learn more about these crystal points, feel free to reach out to the crystal specialists at StoneBridge Imports. In the meantime, browse through our vast collection of generator crystals to see other specimens you might want to work with.


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