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Wonderful dinner and wine

Muriaé, MG, Brazil

August 27, 2009 08:30 p.m. ( local time )

(August 27“ Thursday): Drive through the mountains towards Rio de Janeiro

Due to the long trip we were really tired when getting to the hotel in the evening, only lessened by the pleasure of have been at the day care Meimei and have made some kids happy.

After showering we went to restaurant of the hotel on the ground floor, and this decision was fortunate. Despite all the good food we had before on all the restaurants we were, this one was definitely one of the best, not to say about the excellent Chilean wine we had.

Other than that, my personal pleasure was to have the visit of mother in law, which lives only 80 km far from Muriaé. I phoned her to say only hi, and she popped up few minutes later. The feast was then complete.

Restaurant in Muriaé

Mountains in Muriaé