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Tips and Tricks in Storing Crystals at Home

Tips and Tricks in Storing Crystals at Home

As beautiful as they are, your crystals are fragile objects. Some species need to be handled extra carefully due to their softness, making them prone to chipping and breakage.

Others are a lot sensitive to light and moisture. And exposure to these elements can cause them to get discoloured or deformed.

So let's take a look at some storage and organization tips to protect the appeal and energies of your treasured gems.

How Do I Organize My Crystals at Home?

How to organize crystals at home.png

The number of options to store, display, and arrange your crystals is infinite. It all depends on your taste and preferences, as well as the available space you have.

If you have a growing collection and you're looking for a more organized way to store them, below are some ideas for you:

1. By shape and form - This is the easiest way to sort your crystals. Group tumbled stones, spheres, and crystal generators together and put them in separate boxes.

Display raw rocks and minerals in their dedicated shelf. Remember to observe adequate spacing between specimens to keep them from scratching each other.

2. By colour and chakra association - Using crystals for healing? Storing your crystals by chakra colour might help you to easily identify which stone to use for a specific purpose.

In a divided drawer or display case, arrange any blue, green, yellow, orange, red, brown, black, and clear crystals in a single file.

So on your next healing session, you no longer have to scramble for that stone you need to soften your anger or enhance mental clarity.

More ways to organize your crystals:

  • Based on value
  • Crystals for your altar or meditation space
  • Grouping crystals that don't need charging (e.g. kyanite, selenite, and citrine)
  • Gems for daily use
  • Crystal types

Ways to Store Crystals for Everyday Use

Ways to store crystals for everyday use.png

For most of our customers, crystals are ubiquitous in their everyday lives. They use them every day and anywhere because crystals help keep them calm, grounded, and protected.

If you habitually tap on the power of your crystals, here are some storage techniques for easier access and added protection for your collection.

1. Keep small stones in your purse

Tumbled stones are the easiest way to take the beauty and healing energies of healing crystals wherever you go, throughout the entire day. And you can carry various polished stones depending on your need.

Put 1 to 3 tumbled stones in your purse. If you want to put them in your pocket, just make sure it's not in the same place where you put your phone or keys to avoid scratching. This way, your stones are always within reach when you need them.

You can even place your tumbled stones on your work desk or shelves where you can always see them. Besides being a great visual reminder, these stones can add colour to any space where you place them.

2. Display them near a window

No time to go out to charge your crystals? Placing them near the window where they are exposed to direct sunlight will charge them instantly. Do this once or twice a month, or anytime you feel your stones feel unusually dull or heavy.

Another perfect time to do this is during the full moon cycle. Leave your crystals near the window (make sure they receive direct moonlight) for them to absorb as much energy as possible.

Note: This is only a temporary storage method and is only ideal for gemstones that don't react with light.

3. Place stones near your bed

Having trouble sleeping? Putting crystals by your bedside or under your mattress and pillow can aid you in getting that much needed Zzz's.

Some of these stones are:

  • Fluorite, green calcite, rose quartz - For peaceful sleep
  • Amethyst, red tiger's eye, and rhodochrosite - For relieving anxiety, thereby inducing sleep
  • Howlite, opal, moonstone, ruby - For overcoming insomnia
  • Black tourmaline, citrine, epidote - For pleasant dreams and keeping nightmares at bay
  • Blue calcite, blue kyanite, selenite - To alleviate snoring

Placing these stones near your bed is believed to provide protection and hasten the healing process:

  • Onyx - For dispelling negative energies
  • Amethyst - For enhancing your psychic abilities
  • Rose quartz - For promoting self-love

Where Else Should I Display My Crystals?

How to store crystals at home.png

Not sure where to put your precious possessions around your home? Here are some ideas:

1. Display them on your bookcase

If you're just starting out with a crystal collection with a few specimens, place them on a shelf in your bookcase. This is the fastest and least expensive way to display both raw and polished crystals at home.

Before you arrange them, make sure to wipe off dust and debris from your shelf. Then follow the organization tips mentioned above.

2. Put them in a sealed box

If placing them on a shelf isn't an option due to a lack of space, place your crystals in a box or protective case instead (especially those that you don't use often). Choose among a wooden box, stone box, glass case, or an acrylic box.

Depending on their sizes and hardness, you can either put them in one large box (in compartments) or place them in individual boxes.

Use a larger box for housing all your collection and place them on a shelf or desk, away from moisture and sunlight. You can also place them on your desk or near your bedside.

3. Place your crystals in a display case

Got plenty of gorgeous multi-coloured gems that you want to show off? Why not put them in a glass display case? Not only are display cases great for showcasing your collection, they're also a great option for protecting your crystals from dust, moisture, and direct sunlight.

Arrange your stones according to your chosen method of organization. Then place the case in a visible corner in your living room, bedroom, study, or basement.

Additional Reminders for Storing Your Crystals

Reminders when storing crystals.png

Regardless of the display and storage system you choose, always keep in mind these 4 reminders to prevent your crystals from damage:

1. Keep them away from the sun - Sunlight may recharge the powers of your crystal, but several stones become brittle or change their colour when they get direct exposure to sunlight for too long.

These crystals include amethyst, ametrine, agates, carnelian, citrine, aventurine, celestite, fluorite, rose quartz, smokey quartz, opal, howlite, and sapphire.

2. Protect them from water - The fastest ways to remove dust and grime from crystals are to wash them under running water and wipe them off with a wet cloth. However, some crystals form rust, flake, or dissolve when submerged in water.

Examples of crystals that have iron content and may rust are magnetite, hematite, malachite, galena, lodestone, and tangerine quartz.

Crystals that dissolve when wet: angelite, calcite, halite, desert rose, labradorite, and turquoise

Crystals that fracture when in contact with water: mica, opal, moldavite, obsidian, malachite, and lepidolite

3. Protect them from damage - Storage without considering their durability and wearability can break or dull your crystals. If you place raw minerals and tumbled stones together in a pouch, the polished stones will get scratched.

Damage doesn't only affect your stone's appearance, it can also reduce your stone's power and alter its energy flow.

3. Shield crystals from unwanted energies - Most of the time, storing your healing gems away from other people's view and energies is the ideal way to prevent them from absorbing negativity and preserving their natural powers.

4. Create a system that makes it easier to find your crystals - With an organized system of storage and arrangement, you can instantly find the stone you're looking for right when you need it. You can organize your crystals however you like! Just make sure you stick to this system.

Having your own way of storing your crystals also allows you to see what might be missing in your collection, or those that you need to add next.

Need more tips to care for and maintain the quality of your stones? Feel free to talk to the rock specialists at Stonebridge Imports! It's always a joy to help you preserve and enjoy your crystals for many years ahead.


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