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Understanding Pendulum Dowsing: Divination for Beginners

Understanding Pendulum Dowsing: Divination for Beginners

Pendulums, among many other things, are a divination tool. Other common divination tools include tarot cards, rune casting, scrying and lithomancy. Pendulum divination is a centuries old technique, also known as pendulum dowsing. It’s common to find dowsing pendulums made of crystal, metal, and wood and they’re designed to help us make decisions and answer questions by classifying certain swing directions as “yes” or “no” responses. Pendulum dowsing can be used for beginners to experts alike, keep reading to learn more!

What Is Dowsing?

The traditional use of dowsing was for locating ground water. It has been the subject of controversy for years, but it originated as a technique that used “invisible energies” to locate underground resources like water, oil and ore. Rather than a dowsing pendulum, traditionally there were dowsing rods. They were L shaped copper rods held in each hand that would cross over each other or separate from each other when directing someone or answering questions. For more modern uses, dowsing can help us locate lost items, find hidden valuable objects and even speak to spirits of the deceased!

Types of Dowsing Pendulums

The most common materials for making pendulums include crystal, metal and wood. It is said that pendulums made with an Earth-affinity are more effective as they tap into the natural materials of the Earth during the divination. There is no right or wrong pendulum material, and when choosing one you should trust your instincts and choose which ones “feels” right. Sometimes, the “right” one may not even be a pendulum, everyday items such as pendants and other jewelry can be used for divination instead of a dowsing pendulum, especially if you have a connection to the item.


Crystal Pendulums

Some people may choose their pendulum by aligning it with a crystal that shares the intention of the divination session. For example, if you were using dowsing pendulum for money, you may choose a green aventurine pendulum, as green aventurine is known for supporting abundance and wealth. Similarly, if you were using dowsing pendulum for love and relationships, you may choose a rose quartz pendulum. Crystal pendulums offer variety for your pendulum divination and can heighten the experience and guidance you receive.

How to Use a Dowsing Pendulum

After you’ve chosen your pendulum, it’s time to get acquainted with it! Bonding with your pendulum and forging a connection to it is important. You can do this by simply holding the pendulum in your hands for a few moments, physically making an energetic connection. While the pendulum is in your hands, visualize yourself sending your energy into it. Focus on your intuition as if it was a tangible thing and imagine yourself putting your physical intuition inside the pendulum. After that, it’s time to ask the pendulum to show you how it’ll work for you.

Pendulums answer questions differently for everyone. Some pendulums swing dramatically side-to-side or faintly from left to right – there is no “right” way for pendulums to answer questions. Your pendulum will come on a chain, so to ensure steadiness, drape the chain over your index finger and hold it in place with your thumb. Ensure you’re sitting in a comfortable position where your arms feel steady.

First, ask the pendulum to show you “yes”, and wait for it to start moving. Once it’s clear what “yes” is, ask it to show you “no”. It may take a few moments for an obvious pattern to develop, this is very common when you’re working with a new pendulum. You can also use your pendulum for more than “yes” or “no” questions. As an example, it can be challenging deciding what crystal to buy when you find a handful of them that you love. Place the crystals down in a row with some space between each one. Hold your pendulum and ask a question like “show me the crystal that’s best for me right now” or “which of these is for my highest good”. Your pendulum will start swinging towards the one that answers your question.


The Benefits of Dowsing and Pendulum Divination

Like other divination tools, pendulum dowsing provides us with guidance and quick simple answers. Similar to tarot, pendulum divination can direct us and show us potential consequences of certain actions and decisions. While pendulums don’t provide us with colourful card decks, pendulums do act as a problem-solving tool, and what is spiritual growth without problem-solving?

Pendulum dowsing can be a simple tool to use when making quick daily decisions or answering simple questions. Do you have a habit of misplacing your car keys? Pendulum dowsing can help recover your lost items. With consistent use and energetic bonding, your pendulum can assist you with more than simply finding your keys.

Pendulum Dowsing for Money and Prosperity

When you’re looking for money, pendulum dowsing can be an excellent tool. The questions you ask, should always be very clear and well-formulated with an applicable “yes” or “no” answer. Unlike spellcasting or manifestation for money, pendulum dowsing acts as a validation tool for the questions you have about money. Perhaps you’ve been considering finding a second job, or an additional stream of income. A question such as “is it right and good for me to find a second job right now”, or “is it the right time to seriously consider alternative ways to make money”.

In addition to answering “yes” or “no” to your questions, your pendulum can help you choose between options. If you’ve narrowed your search for alternative income to two options, your pendulum can tell you which one is the best choice for you. You can ask it “is option A the right choice for me”, or you can write both options down on paper and hold the pendulum over it and ask you to show you the right choice. It will swing to its choice or maybe hover and shake above it.

Pendulum Dowsing for Love and Relationships

As mentioned, a dowsing pendulum is a tool to validate your choices. And like dowsing for money can’t physically bring you money, it can help guide you in a direction to make money. The same is true when you’re using divination to find love and healthy relationships.

You can start by asking questions like “is it the right time for me to start dating” or “is it in my best interest to go on a date with this person”. The more your relationship develops, the questions you ask your pendulum will develop too. Try to ask your pendulum quantifiable questions such as “will I find a harmonious and happy relationship within the next year.”


In Conclusion

Pendulums are a powerful divination tool for spiritual guidance and problem-solving. They employ our own innate intuition and help us obtain the answers we need to improve our life. Whether you choose a crystal, metal or wood dowsing pendulum you can be assured your questions will be answered.

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