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Calling local artisans

Calling local artisans

Are you an artisan who makes really neat products? We are looking for your partnership!

In light of the current situation, we know how hard the pandemic has hit small businesses. As a company that wholesales products to other small businesses, we know first hand that small businesses are the heartbeat of our community. They are the driving force behind bringing us great products, providing employment opportunities, and creating lasting relationships with its customers. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is hosting a contest to help recover small businesses and we also want to help create an opportunity for your business to recover, grow, and help you generate some ABUNDANCE too!

Our retail shop, called The Rock Spa, is located near downtown Kitchener ON, a fast growing city. The shop mainly focuses on rocks and crystals from Stonebridge Imports, however we are expanding that to offer local and hand-made crafts and jewellery. We know that many of you have your niche and make one-of-a-kind amazing things from candles, to gem trees, to crystal art. We would love an opportunity to spotlight your products in our retail store!

If you're interested, please fill out the form here and let us know all about you and your product(s). We will review the application, and if your product is a good fit for our store we will buy it from you and sell it with your name attached. These will be retail only products, so they won't be sold at wholesale prices and won't be available to purchase online at first.

Please see our FAQ below for more information regarding this opportunity. To enter into the CFIB help recover small businesses contest click here. We look forward to partnering with you and most importantly, creating community abundance!

Warmest regards,

Your friends at Stonebridge Imports and The Rock Spa -


How do I know if my product will be a good fit for your store?

We are looking for products that coincide with what we sell. Handmade gemstone products, handmade jewellery, orgone, wellness products, home décor, oracle/books etc.

What If I don't live locally, but still want to sell my products in your store?

That's okay! If selected, you will just need to ship your items to us!

What are Stonebridge Imports terms?

This is a pilot program. It has been a customer request for many years and now that we have the space, we wanted to give it a try!

What happens if my products don't sell in your store?

We won't re-order.

How will I be paid for my products?

Credit card, Interac e-transfer, or cheque.

Will my business name be attached to my products, so that customers can buy from me directly afterwards if they wanted?

Sure, if you would like.

How long will it take to get a reply back from you?

Please give us up to 1 week to get back to you.

What happens if I want my products back?

You would be welcome to buy them back from us, if you would like!

How would you price my product for sale in your store?

It's hard to say! It would depend on how much you sold your product to us for.

What if my product breaks? Who is responsible?

We would give you a call to see if this is something you're able to fix, but if it's breakage that occurs from someone dropping it, we would assume responsibility.