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Back In Stock

Back In Stock

We know you have been waiting for these products to be back in store! We are constantly receiving new items daily and can’t wait to share them all with you.

Here’s an update of What’s Back In Stock


  • Aqua Aura Double terminated wand with swivel bail - Silver Pendant
  • Blue Aventurine Tumbled Stone Pendant - Pack of 5
  • Rose Quartz Heart With Angel - Silver Pendant
  • Emerald Rough Pendant - Silver Pendant
  • Pyrite Cube Cap - Silver Pendant

Find them all here!


Which way will the Pendulum swing?

  • Black Tourmaline Rough Pendulum
  • Golden Healer Rounded Pendulum
  • Amazonite Pendulum

Get ahold of yours and find out!

These minerals have fallen a few too many times and have come out


  • Garnet A Tumbled Stone - 1 lb bag
  • Rhyolite Tumbled Stone (¾” to 1”)
  • Lepidolite A Tumbled Stone - 1lb bag
  • Labradorite Tumbled Stone - 1lb Bag
  • Tiger Eye Gold Tumbled Stone - 1 lb bag
  • Agate Green Moss Tumbled Stone - 1 lb bag
  • Carnelian Tumbled Stone - A Quality - 1 lb bag
  • Rhodonite Tumbled Stone - B Quality - 1 lb bag
  • Fluorite Purple and Green Tumbled Stone - Quality A - ½ lb bag

Over 40 Tumbled Stones restocked just for you.

Smudge Sticks

We love working with local businesses, we have out beloved Smudging Sticks restocked.

  • Mugwort 6” Smudge stick
  • Lavender 6” Smudge stick
  • Lavender/ White Sage Smudge Stick
  • Sweetgrass and Cedar Smudge Stick
  • Sweetgrass and Lavender Smudge Stick

All organic and locally grown in Onatrio

Get smudging!

We are expecting more than 5 shipping containers filled of product in the next couple months, be sure to subscribe and not miss anything!

Stonebridge Imports would also like to wish our friends to the south a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday :)