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Pietersite: Your Tough Protection Against Life’s Raging Storms

Pietersite: Your Tough Protection Against Life’s Raging Storms

Pietersite is also called the tempest stone as it captures the character of a raging storm through its enthralling colour patterns. It has dual colours: grayish blues to deep blues resembling churning clouds (or turbulent seas), and golden yellows that look like flashes of lightning. This contrast of colours gives pietersite a chaotic look.

While its appearance is likened to the gloom and doom of a violent storm, the healing effects of pietersite are nothing but calm and clarity. It wipes out negative energy. The stone purifies the aura and brings the senses to a tranquil state.


The Physical Properties of Pietersite

Pietersite is a chalcedony, a microcrystalline variety of quartz, containing amphibole minerals. Due to these fibrous minerals, cut pietersite shows an optical effect called chatoyancy in which the stone reflects a bluish band of light (similar to tiger's eye).

To maximize its chatoyant nature, pietersite is cut into cabochons, or into tall and round stones. The lapidary ensures that the cut is exactly parallel to the length of the fibres of the stone.

As a quartz stone, this chalcedony has amazing durability. However, pietersite is still sensitive to acids in common solvents and household cleaners. And its colour might change when exposed to heat. It's recommended to use warm water, a mild soap, and a soft cloth when cleaning your pietersite jewelry.


The History of Pietersite

Pietersite was discovered in 1962. It was Sid Pieters, a mineral dealer, who found samples of the mineral in Namibia. He named it after their family name to honour his father. Since then, pietersite has been used as an ornamental stone and a jewellery material.

The mineral is only found in China and Namibia. The ones from China are usually warmer, with dominant yellow, orange, and brown colours. Pietersite from Namibia has more blues and grays.

It is said that the main pietersite mine in China has seized operations since it's no longer mining high-quality material. The Namibia mine is still producing the mineral but in limited quantities. This makes excellent pietersite specimens very limited, driving up the value and prices of the mineral.


The Lore of Pietersite

There is no legendary information on pietersite as it is a relatively new mineral.

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Pietersite

This is a great protection stone against natural elements. It is said to calm humans and animals during natural calamities (storms, earthquakes, tornados, etc.), keeps people safe when driving in bad weather, and protects homes and businesses from storm damage.

Pietersite also guards against the adverse physical and mental effects of technology, especially in people who work long hours on their computers. It is also for creative individuals. The stone empowers writers, designers, teachers, etc. to be more confident in their abilities.

It activates the chakra system and cleanses the aura. The gold energy of the stone works with the sacral and the solar plexus chakras, white the blue energy works with the third eye and throat chakras. Activating these chakras increases your willpower and intuition. As a result, you'll have the courage to act on and achieve your goals and desires.


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