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What Is Black Phantom Quartz?

What Is Black Phantom Quartz?

Black phantom quartz is a quartz variety known for its phantom or ghost-like inclusions of black carbon or manganese. In metaphysical healing, this crystal is believed to facilitate mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

It also helps in identifying issues in your life that you need resolve so you can move forward with courage and confidence. It will give you the power and creativity to start afresh and live out your genuine self.

The Physical Properties of Black Phantom Quartz

Phantom quartz crystals are transparent to white and have a hardness rating of 7. The shadowy black inclusion in black phantom quartz is caused by traces of manganese or black carbon. Other phantom crystals can have a brown, yellow, or gold colour due to Limonite inclusions.

How did the phantom-like inclusions form in the crystal? These are actually crystals that formed when a certain mineral washed over the quartz crystal and interrupted its growth. As the crystal grew, it left behind a ghost-like impression at the time the mineral interrupted its growth. Phantom inclusions are typically embedded in the left to the bottom right part of the crystal.


The History of Black Phantom Quartz

Thousands of years ago, people believed that quartz crystals grew in icy environments, specifically in caverns and dark clefts in the mountains. Pliny the Elder, a naturalist and philosopher, even wrote about it.

This was the widely accepted belief until around the 18th century when geology as a study was still growing in Europe. During that time, phantom quartz were called ˜shadow crystals' and ˜ghost crystals.'

Nowadays, there are several places around the world where this crystal can be found, including Minas Gerais in Brazil, or the Ouachita Mountains in the US.

The Lore of Black Phantom Quartz

For shamans, phantom quartz is a light stone. It captures and represents the light each person possesses. In Toltec philosophy, every living being is a light being, meaning all organisms originate from the same source and are, therefore, interconnected.

But as we live our lives, we experience problems and challenges that dim our inner light. When this light is dimmed or overshadowed, we become disconnected from others. Phantom quartz is said to reverse this effect. As a stone of immense light, phantom quartz restores our light as well as the bond we have with every living being.

The Metaphysical Properties of Black Phantom Quartz

Meditating with a black phantom quartz sheds light on issues and areas in your life that need your attention. These include your hidden personality, unique qualities, deepest desires and aspirations, and many other things that form part of your true self.

A knowledge and understanding of your finer qualities allows you to manifest your full potential. Black phantom quartz also brings to light the traumas and emotional wounds that prevent you from achieving full healing.

Black phantom quartz is a great stone for educators, counselors, writers, shamans, and psychics. The stone guides these professionals into deeper introspection. As they deeply understand themselves, they're able to connect with others and empathize with them as well. Black phantom quartz allows one to effectively gather insight and wisdom from other people's experiences.

Carry or wear a black phantom quartz crystal to:

Protect yourself against negative energies that affect your aura Eliminate psychic attacks that cause mental health issues Soothe your emotions Protect yourself from fatigue Attract personal growth and prosperity

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