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What Is Dalmatian Jasper?

What Is Dalmatian Jasper?

Want to tap into your childlike energy and wonder? The dalmatian jasper is your friend. It brings out its user's sense of playfulness, curiosity, and enthusiasm. This stone is rich in grounding energy, pulling people who tend to live in their heads back to the present moment and simply enjoy being. Dalmatian jasper carries soothing energies that calm children and pets.

The Physical Properties of Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian jasper (also called dalmatian stone) is naturally beige-brown, cream, or pale gray although it's also dyed with bright colours like green, purple, and red. It is covered in black or brown specks of arfvedsonite and other mineral inclusions reminiscent of the coat of the dalmatian dog breed. Polished dalmatian jasper also looks like a quail egg up close.

While it's popularly called dalmatian jasper, the stone is not a jasper. This stone is much softer than jasper (hardness rating of 6.5) and doesn't form a conchoidal fracture. Dalmatian jasper is an ideal material for tumbled stones. It's easy to polish and it polishes brightly when fashioned into beads, cabochons, and jewellery items.

When cleaning dalmatian jasper beads and jewellery, use warm soapy water and a fibre cloth. Store it in a dry and clean container. Avoid storing it together with harder stones to prevent scratching.

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The History of Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian jasper is commonly found in Chihuahua, Mexico. A study by the Gemological Institute of America found that this stone is a peralkaline rock (an igneous rock lacking in aluminum) with uncertain origin. Dalmatian jasper consists of feldspars, quartz, alkali amphiboles, and trace amounts of epidote and hematite. Gem experts recommend calling the stone dalmatian stone rather than dalmatian jasper since the material doesn't meet the gem qualities of jasper.

The Lore of Dalmatian Jasper

There is no legendary information about this stone.

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Dalmatian Jasper

Has life become stale for you? If you're not feeling the zest and joy in anything lately, it might help to wear or carry a dalmatian jasper to rouse that vibrant energy inside you. Dalmatian jasper has powerful energies that restore joy, overcome cynicism and skepticism, and drive away negative emotions. The result? A renewed passion for life and living.

It's also important that dalmatian jasper is linked to the sacral and root chakras. It unblocks the sacral chakra so you'll once again experience pleasure, enjoyment, and a rich connection with others.

Dalmatian jasper opens the root chakra and activates the energy responsible for kinesthetic feeling and movement. Another effect of this is it boosts your strength and stamina and rekindles your spiritual energy. As a result, it promotes independence and strong leadership.

This stone also aids in making better decisions. It encourages its user to plan thoroughly, iron out every stage of a project before execution, and to carry out projects with a positive attitude. This is especially useful when putting up a business.

And as an animal stone, dalmatian jasper is said to help in effectively training pets and in calming them when they're agitated. Use dalmatian jasper if you work as a dog trainer, breeder, veterinarian, or if you work in an animal shelter so you can perform your job effectively.


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