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What Is Lazulite?

What Is Lazulite?

A dreamy blue stone that embodies the blissfulness of heaven, lazulite carries positive energies that lifts the spirit. It promotes calmness and peace of mind. This stone also improves focus and concentration, allowing you to get into a state of flow and deep work.

Lazulite also acts as a key to unlocking mysteries in your life. With its liberating wisdom, it will help you decode the meanings about life, love, and experiences.

Tune into the history and properties of this heavenly stone.

The Physical Properties of Lazulite

Lazulite is a glassy phosphate mineral that grows as grains or masses of crystals in granite pegmatites, quartz veins, and aluminous metamorphic rocks and quartzites. It also occurs as small pyramidal crystals. This stone comes in different shades of blue, but the most common colour is azure-indigo blue.

Many often mistake lazulite for lapis lazuli. While both stones share similar colours and external qualities, lazulite is different from lapis lazuli (nor is it found within lapis lazuli like many people believe). It is the mineral lazurite that is the primary mineral of lapis lazuli.

One can tell lazulite apart from the other blue stone through its cleavage planes. Lazulite is often opaque to semi-translucent. On rare occasions, it grows as transparent crystals that are cut and polished as gemstones.


The History of Lazulite

Lazulite was discovered in 1795 by the German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth in Styria, Austria. The chemist named the stone after the German word lazurstein meaning blue stone. lazulite can be found in many places around the world including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Georgia, India, Madagascar, and the USA.

It forms in pegmatites and rocks abundant in quartz. Lazulite is associated with minerals that also form in these environments like albite, black and blue kyanite, muscovite, rutile, sapphire, and tourmaline.

The Lore of Lazulite

In ancient times, it was believed that lazulite was formed during a huge upheaval of the universe that caused the blue sky to be broken into pieces. Mother Earth caught the bits of the shattered sky that eventually became lazulite stones.

The Metaphysical Properties of Lazulite

Lazulite elicits a deep sense of inner peace by easing tension, energy blocks, balancing your emotions, and infusing your mind, heart, and soul with positive energy. When you feel unloveable, this stone can increase your self-esteem and self-compassion. It can cultivate your love for yourself and of others.

The stone is linked to the third eye and throat chakras . Place this on your third eye during meditation”it will help you see things clearly from different perspectives. It will also increase your intuition and awareness so you can connect with the divine.

As a throat chakra stone, lazulite boosts your ability to articulate your thoughts and communicate effectively to others. It will help you speak your truth boldly and honestly, and address any communication-related issues.

Lazulite is said to assist people in realizing their professional goals. It helps you unleash your hidden talents and unlock your psychic abilities. It's especially helpful for students, researchers, psychologists, and philosophers who regularly engage in mental work. The stone expands memory and aids in retaining information.


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