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What Is Manifestation Quartz?

What Is Manifestation Quartz?

Did you know that quartz crystals could give birth to another crystal and carry it inside them?

Of course, it's not like how humans reproduce. But manifestation quartz mimics the same image of a mother carrying a baby in her womb. A peculiar work of nature, manifestation quartz is a clear quartz crystal that encapsulates a smaller crystal inside itself.

What does this crystal do? And why is it called such? Read on to find out.

The Physical Properties of Manifestation Quartz

Manifestation quartz happens rarely in nature. It develops when a larger clear quartz crystal grows another crystal inside it. This tiny crystal can be a different variety of quartz depending on its mineral inclusions. It can be tangerine quartz (iron oxide), lodolite/garden quartz (chloride and iron), or fire quartz (red hematoid). This crystal is also called a baby within a crystal.


The History of Manifestation Quartz

The name quartz comes from the old German word querkluftertz meaning cross-vein ore. It was first used in 1530 by Georgius Agricola, the father of mineralogy.

Ancient Greeks and Romans called quartz krustallos meaning ice. They believed that the mineral was ice that never melted because it was created by the gods themselves.

In ancient times, the Sumerians used quartz as a material for cylinder seals and ring seals. They also used it as a stamp for making written impressions in clay.

Ancient Egyptians used the mineral in making amulets, beads, and various jewellery pieces.

In modern times, the quartz remains to be a vital material in creating electronic devices due to its ability to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

As such, quartz crystals are used in creating radios, transistors, microphones, digital watches, computer chips, and electric guitars.

In glassmaking, quartz sand is used in making container glass, fiberglass, specialty glass, and flat plate glass.

As to the origin of manifestation quartz, little is known about how the little crystal is formed inside the mother crystal. This crystal is most commonly found in Brazil, growing as clusters on a geode base, tall prismatic crystals, stubby crystals, or as druzy aggregates.

The Lore of Manifestation Quartz

According to health folklore, physical diseases result from the disharmony of energies of the subtle body Manifestation quartz can stimulate healing of any diseases. This is due to its high vibrational energies that realign the body's chakras and cleanse the aura.

Note: There's no scientific evidence that supports the healing properties of crystals. All information in this post is purely for educational purposes. Seek professional advice and treatment if you're feeling unwell.


The Metaphysical Properties of Manifestation Quartz

The crystal is called manifestation quartz because it's believed to vibrate at the same frequency as your desires. This means you can use the crystal to turn your dreams, hopes, desires, and intentions into reality.

The tiny inner crystal is thought to be the kernel that stores the desire you want to manifest. The bigger outer crystal protects and nurtures the desire until the time is right for its manifestation in your current reality.

Everything in the world is a mass of energy. So when we manifest our desires we bring them to life. As a high-vibration crystal, manifestation quartz brings us in alignment with the amount of energy needed to realize our vision.

In the process of manifesting, the crystal helps clear our paths, remind us of our intentions, and increase our trust in the Universe's ability to meet our needs. Meditating with this crystal can help clear up doubts and emotional blocks that stop you from manifesting your intentions.

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