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What on Earth Is Spirit Quartz?

What on Earth Is Spirit Quartz?

Spirit quartz is a departure from the smooth and large quartz crystals you typically see in crystal shops. It consists of a bigger main crystal point covered with tiny druzy crystals that look like glistening snow.

This crystal is often used in spiritual work. It's popularly known as a crystal of alignment and harmony. As such, it's used as a tool for meditation, dream work, shamanic rituals, and astral travel.

Everyone looking for a crystal to guide them as they take their spiritual path can count on spirit quartz for wisdom, protection, and heightened consciousness.

The Physical Properties of Spirit Quartz

A silicone dioxide variety of quartz, spirit quartz grows in an unusual crystal formation. It is characterized by a candle-shaped central crystal with a pointed termination and surrounded by tiny crystals on the surface.

Others describe this formation as cactus-like. Hence, the alternative name cactus quartz. Spirit quartz is also called spirit crystals or fairy quartz due to its intriguing appearance.

It is rated 7 on the Mohs hardness scale which makes it a durable crystal like all quartz varieties. Spirit quartz has many types. They are classified and given a unique name based on their colours namely:

  • Amethyst spirit quartz (lilac to purple)
  • Aqua aura spirit quartz (blue)
  • Citrine spirit quartz (yellow)
  • Smoky spirit quartz (brown and gray)
  • White spirit quartz

The most popular among these varieties is amethyst spirit quartz. It is known for its ability to activate the crown chakra and cleanse the aura.

The History of Spirit Quartz

Spirit quartz is mostly found in the Magaliesberg Mountain region of South Africa. The crystal got its name from a South African window cleaning product named Spirit which also has the lilac colour as the crystal.

The discovery of the crystal in the beginning of the 21st century hugely contributed to the livelihood of local villagers in the region who profited from mining the crystal.

The Lore of Spirit Quartz

Spirit quartz was only discovered a few years ago. There is no information about the crystal's lore or legend.

The Metaphysical Properties of Spirit Quartz

Spirit quartz has four common colours. Each of them provides a unique set of healing and metaphysical properties. Here's what you can get from incorporating this enchanting crystal into your life:

1. Amethyst spirit quartz - Opens and activates the crown chakra, which makes it an ideal crystal to work with if you want to get in touch with your spiritual side. Amethyst spirit quartz also offers spiritual protection, increases confidence, and breaks down self-limiting beliefs and practices.

2. Citrine spirit quartz - This spirit quartz variety is associated with the solar plexus and sacral chakras. It works by aligning your will and desires with that of the Divine. The crystal promotes confidence and belief in one's abilities. It empowers you to fulfill your life's purpose. Citrine spirit quartz also boosts creativity and self-esteem.

3. White spirit quartz - Tagged as the most powerful spirit quartz, the white variety harmonizes and balances all chakras. It promotes higher consciousness and prepares you for the ascension process. White spirit quartz also calms the mind and body so it's useful for people experiencing anxiety.

4. Smoky spirit quartz - Among the 4 spirit quartzes, smoky spirit quartz has the most potent grounding energy. It's aligned with the third eye and root chakras. It grounds your senses to the present moment and connects you to earth's natural healing energy. This state of groundedness relieves pain, stress, and inflammation, as well as improves sleep and blood circulation.

This crystal also absorbs negative energy. Use it if you're navigating a stressful situation; it will remove your worries and clear your mind so you can think of creative solutions. Smoky spirit quartz also assists in giving up unhealthy behaviors and negative beliefs that don't serve your future self.


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