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What on Earth Is Abalone?

What on Earth Is Abalone?

An abalone shell is a beautiful thing, coming from sea snails in the family Haliotidae and the genus Haliotis. They're an atypical item in a crystal enthusiast's collection, but they stand out thanks to their interesting metaphysical properties and lore.

The Physical Properties of Abalone

Abalone bears resemblances to clams and oysters when it comes to their shell build, but they have feet and tentacles which put them in the category of sea snails. Their shell is durable thanks to the combination of protein and little calcium carbonate stacks as its main building blocks. They're stacked like bricks, making the shell quite hard. It is difficult for animals who hunt abalone to shatter their shells, whose hardness is 4 on the Mohs scale.

Abalone shells have a gorgeous iridescence to them which shimmers in a real rainbow of colours. It is what makes them extremely valuable and why they've been used as currency and as a material for making jewelry.

The History of Abalone

The name abalone comes from the Spanish word abulón. Abalone shells are usually found along the western coast of North America, as well as in South Africa, New Zealand, Japan and Australia. Abalone was a sought-after source of food for many native cultures in these localities, and the shells that these marine snails left behind were then used for jewelry and as currency, thanks to their enchanting, iridescent beauty.

The Lore of Abalone

Abalone has a rich and interesting lore, as it has been a part of some of the oldest traditions of various civilization. They believed able to replenish a human soul if used correctly in a ritual ceremony. Native Americans used to burn sage in abalone shells so that their messages would carry into heaven.

Abalone shells also have a significant place in the Apache culture Sunrise Ceremony. It is a ritual marking the female transition into puberty, and it celebrates the Apache myth about the White Painted Woman who had survived a flood in an abalone shell.

The Metaphysical Properties of Abalone

An abalone shell is considered to be great for any Sagittarius, and it's also associated with the first three chakras: the Crown, Third Eye and Heart chakras. When it comes to emotional healing, abalone shell is considered to be particularly beneficial when you need to restore emotional balance gently. Due to their strong connection with nature and healing powers of the ocean, abalone shell is of great help when you're sailing the stormy emotional seas. It can calm the turmoil and get you into peaceful waters again.

With its cleansing and stress relieving powers, abalone shell can be a useful ally in physical healing as well. Considering that pressure is the underlying cause of many physical ailments, by finding relief from chronic stress you will also be alleviating physical symptoms such as headaches.

Even though an abalone shell isn't necessarily a crystal, it is still a valuable addition to your collection. With it, you will open up your mind to calmness and harmony, and invite intuitiveness into your life.