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What on Earth Is Danburite

What on Earth Is Danburite

Despite being a relatively common mineral, Danburiteis one of the lesser known ones. It belongs to the silicate class of minerals, and people who like the appearance of clear quartz will appreciate the different look of Danburite. Unlike the pyramidal shape and hexagonal prisms of quartz, Danburite has a wedge-like and diamond-shaped cross-section. It is in the US, Mexico, Switzerland, Myanmar, and Japan.

The Physical Properties

Danburite mineral has an orthorhombic crystal form and lies at 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale of minerals. It is typically colourless, but there are also yellow, yellowish-brown, brown, and pink stones with a vitreous lustre. Danburite is valuable as a cut stone for jewelry due to its strong dispersion, resilience, and clarity. The mineral can sometimes occur entrusted with amethyst or citrine (drusy quartz).

The History

The discovery of Danburite was in Danbury (Connecticut, US) in 1839, which is where it got its name. Because it was a recent discovery, it's relatively new to the market. There are no longer any sources of Danburite in Connecticut, but other sources discovered throughout the world.

The Lore

Excellent as an energy and healing stone, Danburite has a sweet and pure vibration. Its strength is both powerful and gentle and considered as a highly spiritual stone. It's excellent for the crown and third eye chakras. Believed that Danburite interconnects the mind with the heart and that it can help clear past karma and relieve emotional pain.

The gemstone is also believed to help encourage the release of anxiety, grief, and fear and to aid enlightenment. Danburite is even thought to help relieve chronic conditions (gallbladder or liver infections) as well as different allergy symptoms.

The Metaphysical Properties

The Danburite crystal can help those who are experiencing trouble sleeping by placing it under a pillow or holding it in their hands before bed. The stone's metaphysical properties can produce a substantial effect on slowing down the constant worries and calming the mind. Danburite can help enhance your brain function and the processing of information. On a physical level, the stone can help heal problems with motor and muscular functions, relieve the symptoms of Meniere's disease, alleviate migraine and chronic pain, and reduce high blood pressure.

Danburite can help open one's mind to communicate with the higher consciousness and help connect with angels. The gem vibrates in high frequency which is why it's helpful for channelling your higher guides. Considered highly spiritual, Danburite facilitates the connection with higher beings, allowing its owner to bring that guidance and wisdom into their life.

Those who feel anger, resentment, anxiety, and grief can overcome it with the divine love that can lessen all of these negative emotions. Danburite is there to bring an optimistic and calm outlook to any problematic situation. It makes it easier for one to both receives and offers help by encouraging feelings of gratefulness. The gemstone lets you laugh at life in most challenging and stressful situations. It's excellent for those who need to rid them of past emotions and to release stress.