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What on Earth is Fluorite?

What on Earth is Fluorite?

Fluorite (CaF2) is an industrial mineral used in many metallurgical, ceramic and chemical processes. It's a common rock-forming mineral, called fluorspar in the mining industry.

The Physical Properties of Fluorite

Fluorite is found most commonly as cubic crystals, and it has four directions of perfect cleavage, which makes it unique among common minerals. It's typically purple, green or yellow, but it can come in other color varieties such as blue, black, red and colorless. It scores 4 on the Mohs hardness scale. Fluorite has vitreous luster and transparent to translucent diaphaneity.

When George Gabriel Stokes discovered that fluorite glows blue when illuminated with light, he named the phenomenon fluorescence after the mineral. The glow fluorite emits under short-wave and long-wave ultraviolet light is blue-violet. Not all specimens glow ” some emit a white or cream color, while others don't fluoresce.

The History of Fluorite

The name fluorite comes from the Latin verb fluere, which means to flow. In 1530, Georgius Agricola was the first to discuss the mineral in print, in his book Bermannvs sive de re metallica dialogus (Bermannus; or dialogue about the nature of metals) when he noted it was quite useful as a flux.

The world reserves of fluorite estimated at around 230 million tonnes. Most massive deposits are in South Africa, Mexico, and China, but it's China that's leading the world production of fluorite.

The Lore of Fluorite

Because of its variance in color, fluorite in folklore regards as the home of rainbows. It was considered to be a protection stone out of which rainbows were born. With such magical visuals and its cleansing properties, fluorite was always highly regarded by healers.

The Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite

Like the stone that gives an order to chaos, fluorite is often used to help with meditation. It will remind you to take a step back and focus on seeing the bigger picture, eliminating negativity from your life. Fluorite is known for the sense of peace it can provide by calming our nerves.

This stone is often connected with improved mental capabilities, such as better concentration, focus, and decision-making. Its intellectual benefits are so well-known that fluorite is also often called the Genius stone. Fluorite can also help relieve joint pain and ease the weight of suppressed feelings.

Different colors of fluorite are said to have different effects on the chakras and the body in general. Purple Fluorite is considered to be an intuition enhancer. It works on the third eye and opens people to psychic vision, same as blue fluorite. Green fluorite affects the heart center, healing with self-love and absorbing excess energy. Yellow fluorite filters out negativity, and works great for group energy, enhancing creativity and wisdom. Clear fluorite opens a channel to the spirit through the crown chakra and helps you be more present at the moment as opposed to worrying about the future.

Fluorite is said to have many metaphysical benefits, and as the rainbow keeper, it's earning a place in every crystal enthusiast's collection.