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What on Earth Is Hiddenite?

What on Earth Is Hiddenite?

Hiddenite is an interesting stone. It is a green-colored variety of spodumene that took some time for researchers and gemologists to define and catalog. Let's have a closer look at this beautiful stone and its properties.

The Physical Properties of Hiddenite

Hiddenite is the mineral variety of spodumene containing aluminum, lithium, oxygen, and silicon. Its striking, emerald-like green color has earned it the name Lithia Emerald. Hiddenite is a brittle stone, with a perfect cleavage quality and uneven fracture. It's classified as a 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, and it has distinct trichroism fromyellow-green to green and blue-green.

Hiddenite's coloring agent is chromium. This stone possesses a vitreous luster and is transparent, with very weak red-yellow fluorescence and a monoclinic crystal system.

The History of Hiddenite

Hiddenite has an interesting history. It was named in honor of the man who found it in 1879: mining engineer and mineral collector William Earl Hidden. It got its name in 1881 thanks to the initiative of Joseph Lawrence Smith. The town of Hiddenite got its name in 1913 after the mineral which was found nearby.

However, it took mineral collectors and experts a while to define hiddenite, as there are varieties of green spodumene that are photosensitive but don't have the color stability of hiddenite. Other than in the town of Hiddenite, deposits have also been found in Madagascar, Burma, and Brazil. It's a close relative of kunzite and may sometimes be sold under the name yellow-green kunzite.

The Lore of Hiddenite

Since it was discovered relatively recently, hiddenite is generally not connected to any extensive magic lore like some other stones are. However, it has certainly found its place in crystal healing lore that many crystal enthusiasts enjoy reading about today.

The Metaphysical Properties of Hiddenite

Hiddenite is known as the crystal of evolution, and that name is well deserved as most of its meaning and purpose in crystal healing lore is connected to growth. Whether it's spiritual, emotional, or mental growth, hiddenite is said to be your best partner to carry you through these growth spurts.

For emotional growth, hiddenite is said to be especially useful for attracting true love and helping its carrier express their emotions towards their loved one. Hiddenite is also known as a protective stone that can shield your aura from negative energies.

In chakra healing, hiddenite is considered to be a great choice for Heart Chakra stimulation if you use it to achieve balance with the environment and the external world. It provides an enhanced understanding of one's emotions and acceptance of changes in all human relationships.

Hiddenite's physical healing energy is also an interesting point of study, as it's said that hiddenite can help you diagnose any areas of disease or weakness, as well as boost the efficiency of herbs and essential oils. It's also considered to be a good strengthener of the heart and cardiovascular system and potent assistance for those afflicted by great emotional stress.

If you love emerald, you'll surely fall in love with this spectacular green stone as well.