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What on Earth is Moldavite?

What on Earth is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a stone of high vibration and intense frequencies. It is a natural green crystal also known as the Holy Grail Stone and can be found only on the territory of former Czechoslovakia. The stone is powerful for transformation is believed to bring fulfillment of wishes and good luck.

The Physical Properties of Moldavite

Moldavite is a type of tektite “ a gravel-sized body composed of gray, brown, green or black natural glass that was created out of terrestrial debris during meteorite impacts. It was introduced during the late 18th century by Josef Mayer of Prague University.

The History of Moldavite

The name Moldavite relates to Vltava (in German: Moldau) river in today's Czech Republic. A massive meteorite is known to have crashed in the area's mountain region 14.8 million years ago when it created melted material that produced these green crystals. It has been suggested that the heat from the impact may have melted the meteoric matter and terrestrial material together, so that Moldavite may be a combination of these materials.

The Lore of Moldavite

For thousands of years, Moldavite has been prized by humans. They are given as gifts from royalty to royalty. Legends associate the stone with the legendary Stone of the Holy Grail, a talisman for the healing of the Earth that has fallen from the sky in the form of an emerald. Moldavite is said to have the power to accelerate people's spiritual evolution and inner growth. Its impact is felt in the heart chakra with vibrations first felt as tingling in hand once you grab hold of one.

The Metaphysical Properties of Moldavite

Holding or wearing a piece of Moldavite can create different instantaneous and exciting experiences and reactions, such as emanating heat or heat flashes. The wearer can feel the heat as well as those around them in the form of vibrations and energy jolts. Since it is a high vibration stone, those who are not used to that kind of exposure can feel drained. It is because one's vibrational energy quickens up to match the stones.

Moldavite particularly resonates with the Crown, 3rd Eye, and Heart Chakras and is a powerful Chakra opener. Its energy will always center in the heart even though it tends to move wherever it's needed in the etheric and physical bodies. If you are actively working on your healing, Moldavite is a great crystal to work with during meditation and healing practices.

The Stone of Holy Grail is beneficial in many ways. It can activate the dream state if you wear it while sleeping, help foster a deeper level of understanding and compassion for the human realities and help acclimate to the Earth environment if one doesn't feel part of this world. Moldavite aids your rapid transformation by increasing clarity, inducing visionary experiences and aiding the release of the intense thoughts that didn't serve your highest path.

Wear it or hold a piece of it in your hand during meditation to experience meaningful and powerful transformative moments. It is an excellent stone to be used in combination with other gemstones and crystals to raise your vibrational levels of all healing properties. Moldavite is especially powerful with Celestite, Lemurian, Sugilite, Lapis, Opal, Diamond, and Aquamarine, producing a combination of healing qualities.