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What on Earth Is Nautilus

What on Earth Is Nautilus

Nautilus is an ancient sea creature related to octopuses and squids that has remained relatively unchanged for 450 million years. That is why it's known as the living fossil. Throughout its life, the Nautilus shell grows into increasingly larger chambers, so it became a symbol of renewal and expansion. It's an example of the Golden Ratio and Sacred Geometry as well as an emblem of proportional perfection.

The Physical Properties of Nautilus

The Nautilus Seashell is found in pale pinkish and off-white tones followed by colours like black, white, brown, and orange. The shell is nacreous, aragonitic, nacreous, coiled, and pressure-resistant and is beautifully spiralled and divided into increasingly larger chambers. When Nautilus first hatches from the egg, it already has four chambers. During its lifespan, it keeps moving into the next largest space in its shell, building a wall to seal off the old cavity. They can build up to 30 chambers during their adult lives.

The History of Nautilus

Inhabiting the Earth's oceans for over 450 million years, the Nautilus is one of the few living creatures that have been here before the dinosaurs. Shells have long been the emblem of peace in the world of Europe, Sumeria, and ancient China. The presence of shells has been revealed in antiquated England, predynastic Egypt, excavations of grave sites in Germany, and tombs in the Yunnan region in China. Also, found in North America, the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, and Pacific.

The Lore of Nautilus

The most important thing about the Nautilus shell is its spiral because it's not just any spiral. Considered sacred because it conforms to the shape of the Golden Ratio spiral which are in many things in nature “ the appearance of hurricanes, of our galaxy, in pine cones, in cauliflower, and the arrangement of sunflower seeds in flower. The Golden Ratio is one of the world's greatest mysteries because we can see it in all living things. People ly believe that things in nature grow in a free-form way. However, the Golden Ration is so mysterious and fascinating because it suggests that our world is not so irregular and random as it may seem but can be explained in the logic of mathematical equations and numbers.

The Metaphysical Properties of Nautilus

The Nautilus shell is a powerful metaphor for spiritual evolution. Since the day we are born, we begin to discover, learn, and outgrow our previous perception of the world and thoughts. To grow, one must begin to comprehend in a different way, or in other words “ think outside the box.

Nautilus is also a symbol of beauty and perfection because of its alluring and elegant shape. However, Nautilus is now considered an endangered species, which is why you can only buy Ammonite fossils, which are similar to Nautilus in its properties. It is said to help in battling depression, induces relaxation, gives stability in one's life, and aids in birthing. It is suitable for people in construction and architects. Because it can withstand high pressures in the ocean, the Nautilus also symbolizes strength. Its shell embodies the element of water, enhancing living qualities such as healing, purification, and cleansing. It purifies the surrounding space, deflects negative energies, and attracts loving energies. The shell can be used in meditation to provide strength, invoke calmness, and balance and renew one's physical power.