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What on Earth Is Nebula Stone?

What on Earth Is Nebula Stone?

This stone of a very peculiar name and appearance might not have a long history filled with legends that some precious stones do, but it's certainly fascinating to study and possess. However, when it comes to nebula stone, it's important to clear up one thing ” nebula stone is a name, and not a completely new type of stone. What we call nebula stone is likely a variety of jasper (kambaba jasper). But when this particular variety was found in 1995, its features differentiated it enough for the finders to give it an alternative, commercial or trademark name that describes its appearance.

The Physical Properties of Nebula Stone

The so called nebula stone, a jasper variety, is classified as a volcanic rock, and it contains many minerals which give its unique appearance. It is an alkali volcanic rock containing traces of quartz, aegirine, riebeckite, and anorthoclase, among other minerals like potassium feldspar, calcite, and zircon.

The color of the so called nebula stone varies, but it is often dark green, which is the color acting as the background for the elliptical pale green formations that resemble eyes or space nebulas. Nebula stone is assigned a 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, and its toughness is similar to that of jade. It's a beautiful gemstone with a complex chemistry and crystal system, which makes it ideal as a carving material.

The History of Nebula Stone

The so called nebula stone was discovered in a mountain region in Mexico. The year was 1995, and the discoverers were Ron and Karen Nurnberg. It's only found in Central America, which is the only ground where such a unique combination of minerals can exist. Different components of it have given crystal enthusiasts a lot to think about and explore when it comes to its use, from crystal healing to feng shui.

The Lore of Nebula Stone

Despite being a relatively recently discovered stone, the nebula stone has inspired tales of magical properties due to its appearance reminiscent of the vast and wondrous spaces of the universe. Theosophists believe that their mythological Akashic Records can be accessed through the nebula stone, and they see it as a pathway to achieving Oneness with the universe and self.

The Metaphysical Properties of Nebula Stone

The metaphysical properties of the nebula stone are believed to be dependent on the stone's mineral content. For example, a higher content of quartz will load the nebula stone with more quartz-like metaphysical properties. However, nebula stone is believed to be loaned different metaphysical properties from all its minerals, and only the amount varies.

The quartz content of the nebula stone can be an energizing force for it, and a way to adjust the nebula stone to your particular personal and spiritual goal-setting needs. On the other hand, the riebeckite is believed to be able to activate psychic abilities and be a great aid when pursuing your spiritual goals. The aegirine within a nebula stone can handle your aura, cleaning negativity and stimulating your psyche to energize you. And energy also comes from anorthoclase within a nebula stone, facilitating transformation into a more spiritual being.

When it comes to physical healing, nebula stone is believed to be a great ally when fighting degenerative cell diseases such as Alzheimer's. Its function is purifying and repairing, which is also believed to make it suitable for recovering from substance abuse problems.

Even though this gorgeous, celestial-looking stone hasn't fallen from the sky as it appears to, it is still believed to be a powerful window into the cosmos itself and is deserving of a place in your crystal collection.