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What on Earth Is Rainbow Obsidian?

What on Earth Is Rainbow Obsidian?

Rainbow obsidian inspires you to live a life free of pain, worry, and addictions. It carries energies that help transform you to the person that you are destined to be.

Using it daily will protect you from negativity and assist you in letting go of everything that hinders your growth.

The Physical Properties of Rainbow Obsidian

Made of silicon dioxide, rainbow obsidian is formed when lava cools at different times and traps layers of magnetite nanoparticles. The presence of these magnetite nanoparticles imparts the rainbow colours in this volcanic glass.

At a glance, this iridescence can be subtle. But it appears more brightly when the stone is held in the light. It has no definite shape or form, making it amorphous.

Rainbow obsidian has many names. It is also known in the gem trade as black obsidian, rainbow sheen obsidian, sheen obsidian, and iris obsidian. In terms of hardness, it is rated 5 to 5.5 on the Mohs scale. Being a soft stone, rainbow obsidian scratches easily and is used to make jewelry items such as rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces.

The History of Rainbow Obsidian

In ancient cultures and civilizations, obsidian was widely fashioned as a weapon or cutting tool. It forms smooth and sharp edges when broken so they are an ideal material for making a number of tools. Native American tribes used obsidian to create knives, spears, arrowheads, and carving and scraping tools.

While obsidian is mostly present in locations where there is volcanic activity, the widespread trade of obsidian has made it reach thousands of miles farther outside its area of origin. It even became a carving tool in Easter Island or Rapa Nui in Polynesia.

It is believed that in the 13th to 16th centuries, inhabitants of Rapa Nui used obsidian cutting tools to shape those iconic human figures with oversized heads called the moai. The Greeks and Ancient Aztecs used obsidian as a mirror because of its glassy finish.

At present, obsidian's sharpness is very well regarded in modern medicine. Because of its tensile strength and incredibly fine edge that rivals that of diamond, obsidian blades are used in surgery. Some surgeons prefer obsidian blades over steel scalpels because the former cause very little trauma to tissue, heal faster, and heal with less scarring, says Dr. Lee Green, professor and chairman of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta.

Rainbow obsidian can be found in Brazil, China, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

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The Lore of Rainbow Obsidian

The Mayan prophets not only used obsidian spheres for scrying for its reflective properties, but also due to its ability to discern the truth. Its sharpness was believed to be able to pierce through the darkness, uncover the truth, and increase the accuracy of predicting the future. In some cultures, the stone is used as an amulet that repels the devil.

The Metaphysical Properties of Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow obsidian cleanses and activates the root chakra. It has a soothing energy that helps mend a broken heart and comfort someone during a breakup. It is also used to alleviate grief and promote love, abundance, and happiness in the lives of the needy.

When going through a heartache, use a rainbow obsidian stone to access strength and accelerate your healing. The stone supplies you with courage to accept the reality of your situation so you can start your healing and moving on process. It helps lessen the blow of painful experiences and makes you look forward to a bright future.

Another interesting use of rainbow obsidian is that like blue lace agate, it helps kick addictions and address eating disorders. It also absorbs negative energies and reduces stress.

To tap into its potent benefits, meditate with the stone, place it in your home or office, or carry it with you wherever you go.


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