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What on Earth is Tektite?

What on Earth is Tektite?

Tektites are forms of lumpy amorphous glass which can be found in shades of black, green, brown, or gray. Another fascinating fact about these unusual translucent bodies is that they are formed during a meteorite impact. Moldavite is a common form of tektite.

Consequently, this meteorite forms glassy exudates, resulting to the formation of this intriguing piece of material that is said to be superficially similar to obsidians “ a type of volcanic glass “ which is why the Greek word for molten, tektos, was used to name this extraterrestrial stone.

The History of Tektite

Moldavite, a majestic green variety of tektite found in 1787 by the rivers of Moldau in The Czech Republic, is where tektite first appeared. Through the use of radiometric dating, the age of the moldavite was found to be 14 million years old!

This coincides with the occurrence of the Nördlinger Ries crater, which emerged roughly about 14 million years ago. Since tektite has been around our world for quite some time, some believe that the green stone that was seen to be embellished on the legendary Holy Grail was a tektite!

A few theories have surfaced concerning the origin of tektites. The most widely accepted theory suggests that the increasing velocity of a colliding meteorite from outer space melts the tektite. Upon entry to the earth's atmosphere, the tektite is rapidly cooled, giving the stone its characteristic appearance and texture.

Another source argues that tektites are volcanic eruptions of the moon which aimlessly drifted through outer space, ending up in our terrestrial land by the pull of earth's gravity. Whatever the theory was, most came to the common conclusion that tektite is a matter of extraterrestrial origin.

The Healing Powers of Tektite

The appearance of tektite may not be as eye-catching as the other fine jewels, yet when it comes to holistic and spiritual qualities, tektite is said to be comparable with the rest. Since its appearance, Tektite is said to aid in fertility, bringing good fortune to those who are trying to bear children.

Tektites are also popularly used as talismans of luck in many cultures. It is said that wearing a tektite will protect one from malice and evil. In addition to this, tektite promotes spiritual growth in where it eliminates negative energy, balancing and strengthening resonance for psychic awareness.

As mentioned before, tektites are extraterrestrial matter because of their origin; mystical experts say it is a means of connecting with otherworldly beings. With regards to physical benefits, tektite assists in speeding up the healing process by boosting the immune system and by improving circulation in in the blood.