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Stonebridge Imports is primarily a wholesaler with over 17 years in business selling crystals, gems, minerals, fossil and jewelry. Stonebridge Imports also sell to the general public online and our physical location in Kitchener, ON. To see wholesale prices, apply for an account here.

A lot of people, who adore jewelry, undeniably have the same affection for crystal, rocks and gemstones. Whether rocks or crystals of a certain mineral make them, gemstones are always eye delights. These rocks and crystals always convey a sense of pride to those wearers of such most especially for girls. And for people who believe and value astrological, wishes for love, money and happiness, several rocks and crystals are advice to wear to attract these yearnings in one’s life. Though these are only superstitious beliefs and no scientific proof behind, rock and crystals  still can be worn proudly because of their sheer colours, different styles and textures with some touch of any other precious metal that can make you look exquisite and stunning. Definitely, crystal rock and gemstones have always fascinated humans and there’s nothing they won’t do to preserve these natural beauties.

Explore the precious, semi-precious gemstones available. Look at unusual and unique stones that attract high-value customers. Healing crystal, gemstone and rocks: the vastest wholesale selection in Canada for retailers to please any of their customers.

Below are some of the major product categories. You might want to see our other best sellers Sterling Silver Pendants and Himalayan Salt Lamps.



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